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Here I am with another midnight teaser…. for the new Mr. and Mrs… enjoy…

Well today was certainly a scorcher (almost 90 is what the car thermometer was reading!!!)  Thank gosh for the beautiful 100-year-old trees providing us with some much appreciated shade, at the historical site where the event was located!!!

I loved the color scheme at the wedding today, all natural tones. Maroon, brown, khaki’s and earthy greens… They had the cutest cake adorned with “pearls” and topped with kissing birds. When describing the style, I would say overall it was trendy in a down to earth sort of way, with a touch of vintage if that makes any sense…

These two remind me of me and my hubby because like us, they met in high school, and have been together for 10 years…today was their 10 yr “anniversary” actually!!! I’m not sure what it is but they (and we) must be doing something right… oh wait!

 I do know… it’s called love…unconditional….

Never give up on true, determined and ever-lasting love….

I wish you two all the best of luck, and thank you for inviting me to be a part of your special day today.  

P.S. I almost lost it when you guys had your first dance, and chose my girl Chrissy Hindes and the Pretender’s, “I’ll stand by you”…. I love love love that song.

Enjoy your sneak Peak….


Your out! Zuleta’s Spring Break baseball camp fun… by Cleopatra Photography

Hi Everyone…well, this weekend I got a call from Stacey over at Zuleta’s, asking me to come out and take some pictures for their upcoming spring break baseball camp.

 Of course I said yes!!  Some of my blog stalkers may remember the commercial stuff I did for them when they first opened up last year

 if not check my pics out here…

 Without a doubt its so much fun working with kids and I enjoy it alot… so why not. I got to the field and these kids looked great!! You could really tell that they had been working hard. Trust me.. it was paying off. They were making great cathes, and even learning situational plays. This camp is perfect for kids from ages 7 all the way up to 14!

Sign your kids up today and let them train with the pros!! Thanks again so much for asking me to come out Stacey. Here is a small teaser of the images from today.


Big Thanks you’s!!!! for everyone leaving reviews…..{Cleopatra Photography}

Wow is all I can say!!!

 Thank you seems like such a miniscule way of describing how I feel right now…. I’m overwhelmed by all of the kind words people are dedicating to me and Cleopatra Photography. It feels like just yesterday I came onto the scene and had what I would consider little (to no) confidence! I remember looking in the mirror and saying “I am a professional photographer” and laughing my butt off!!! Those days are history and I owe it all to you guys…there’s nothing better than feeling like I am truly accomplished and all of the kind words everyone has given me have just boosted me up that much higher. I really appreciate everyone taking the time to write and want to express just how much that means to me. In this tough economy, and a day and age where every decision has to be the right one, theres nothing better than knowing everyone feels like they made the right choice in using me. I promise I will not stop delivering, and can only look forward to hearing from all of you again. I know some of you have upcoming sessions or weddings in the future and I can’t wait!!! Thanks again, and stay tuned……

Its late, but I just had to! here’s a quick glimpse for Mr. and Mrs. H….Cleopatra Photography {I do}


What a fun time I had with you guys tonight!!! After getting a call from S just 2 short weeks ago, I had to wonder just what type of situation I’d be walking into here! lol… boy am I glad it was you two!! A little birdy told me..(okay a big 6″4′ birdy) that you guys have been friends for a long time, but after a whirlwind romance you ended up falling in love…  I love those stories and thanks for sharing u know who!!…. I wish you all the best of luck and I cant wait to hear your reactions!! oh! and how could I forget to mention my two hams….  I wish every set of groom and best man was like you guys!!!! what a riot!

Here is your sneak peak… enjoy!