the Man I love… Cleopatra Photography – {Cleopatra’s Heart} Marlboro, Mass Family Photography

Ok so Yes, I know father’s day was yesterday… but I am here today… writing about this guy..

because I finally have a minute without him as he just left for work…

My husband… the father … he is an amazing man…. How he has put up with me over the past 11 years, I’ll never know… Though I could say the same about him;)

Together we climb mountains, and face each battle holding hands…

His heart beats in my chest. My Love.

Here is a tiny e into our lives… I made him strawberry shortcake for desert… (one of my favs! lol)

hehehe…. I share these candids with you for three reasons…

1. She put his shirt on herself… I found her like this

2. She took this picture of me… Hand your 2 yr old little girl your back up camera and say she’s been a photog since she was 2… not a bad pic of mommy straight out of bed…lol

3. the little guy… trying to crawl (his latest obsession) and after he had just tried mommies home-made fresh whipped cream.

These old bones…. Cleopatra Photography – Worcester Mass Photographer

Hi Everyone… As you all know (and if you didn’t know, you do now) I am now traveling to Mass for work….. seriously… Please ask if you are interested in booking. I am making special trips and will have limited days and availability=) email me at

While back home I was staying at a family members and every day I passed this cemetery…. If you remember.. long ago is when the actual graveyard fascination began…. and even made an appearance once on the blog before….


A  quick insight on the day… it was cloudy and stormed all night…I drove by and did a familiar u-turn to drive up and back into the furthest part of the grounds….. it was sobering,

the weather patient enough for me to get out and take these images….

Funny when you walk up to  the first headstone out of 10,000 and your birth day is staring back at you…

so much sorrow for one mother….

A and K tied the knot… and I was a guest!!!!! Cleopatra Photography – Rhode Island Wedding photography

Hi Everyone!!!! Ok sooo, this is a special event to me because I’ve known the groom for 10 years…

He was the first person my husband introduced me to from his world, (and fittingly my husband was the best man standing proudly next to A)

I tell people the story all the time about the first time I met A, and how he danced around with a plastic ice cream cone top on his head for 15 minutes….

(from a kids piggy bank…. you know the big kind, with the sugar cone bottom, swirled “ice cream” top, complete with the slit for the coins…)

Anyhow I thought two things…omgosh he is hilarious, and what would a chick see in this guy?? hahaha but over time I soon realized why he was Chris’ friend…  he was funny, loyal, smart as all hell, and an all around great guy.

When we met K for the first time… I remember riding home from Naples and saying to Chris… I like her A LOT!!! I wonder if they’ll get married….?

Well they waited and waited… j/k… then A stood at our wedding in April of 2007, and then boom… 2 years and 2 kids of our own later… we found out A had popped the ?

So How excited was I??? when I got to be a guest!!!!

We almost didn’t make this trip… (thank you K for making it happen… )

The wedding was gorgeous, decorated beautifully and the food was amazing!!!  I met some amazing people, danced with my love for the first time in a long time.. and reunited with two amazing people and friends.. A and K.. thank you so much for allowing me behind the scenes….

Enjoy your..  NOT working the wedding.. candido’s as I call them… oh and a few detail/miscellaneous shots too…

To see more of their photos check out the amazing Jamison Wexler at Thank you Jamie for allowing me to “second shoot” this one:)

We’ll start with the groom!!! Since that’s where I was the majority of the “getting ready” time

yes ladies… she got him a rolex… classic time-piece

there was a moment when I saw the bride and groom rushing away to this room before their entrance, hehehe sneaky little me… caught them in the middle of “practice”  😉

13 year old “V” sang her heart out… shocking everyone at the party! so adoreable and a special treat…

and last… a fun one of the bride at the end of the night!!!

My long lost BFF… Cleopatra Photography {Connections} Marlborough, Massachusetts Urban Photography

Hi Everyone… Ok so here is sneak peek # 2 from my trip back home… I have been Super busy editing, and don’t even know where to begin or end… (thats more of an issue than beginning)

This post is special to me in a way not so many people will understand… You see… Ms. N is my long-lost BFF from yeaaarrrs ago… Of course social networking has reunited us and its been almost 15 years since we’ve seen each other…

Since then we have 5 kids between us and I’m sure an amaaazing amount of stories that one day will be shared over a glass of wine.. or maybe a bottle… EACH.

anyhow I’ve known N since I was about 7 yrs old… seeing her with her babies was amazing… Next time.. we’ll have all 3 of them there…;)

enjoy your sneak peek hun. xoxo- A

click on the pic below for fun!

I’m back.. but not for long… {Cleopatra Photography} Covering Fort Myers to Boston – Event, Wedding, Family, baby and childrens Photographer

o-key do-key everyone…

Well, I am back from my “vacation” and here with TONS of work!!! Sooo I am sneak peaking everyone a little something as I edit through the day today!!! You may have noticed a BIG Giant LOGO on my pics…its here for a reason pleeeaaassse don’t crop it out! I love you all, and you know I normally don’t do…… that but I did this time, because I need you to please pass the word…

spread it hard-core peeps… I am coming “home” and need help creating buzz about my business up there!!!!

please suggest my page!!!

It was great seeing everyone I could….. If I missed you I am sooo sorry!!!!! I promise I’ll get to you all next time!!!

In the meantime please tell your friends family and co-workers I am traveling for work! Don’t hesitate to ask if I am available!!!!

We’ll kick off the sneak peaks with a few of these little guys…

These were a surprise for their mommy;)

D, I am sorry I missed you girl, next time we will definitely get together!!! oh and FYI – I am pretty sure my little S, is in love with your little D…..

*UPDATED* look who’s back! It’s baby L…. Cleopatra Photography {connections} Fort Myers family and baby photography

Hi Everyone! Goodmorning!!!!

 I hope you all have missed the babies on my blog! I know I have!!!!

Yesterday holding baby L, I just melted!!!! She was so light at just 12 lbs. and precious….

 my big guy aka puffin is seeming like he is bigger and bigger every day!!!! SOOOOO being around this little lumpkin;)… put my heart in such a warm place….. sigh….

so yesterday I headed out to see baby L and Mommy and Daddy at their place.

 It was POURING right before I got there! So we were soo happy that it cleared up and the sun even peaked its head out for us for a few amazing backlit shots!!!

Baby L…. you did amazing! hehehe, I’ll pass along the gratitude and say thanks to Mom and Dad too for being such amazing “models”, people and friends!

I love this part about my job! I get to make CONNECTIONS!!!!

When I was younger I dreamt about being an entertainer… a singer… or an actress….

Those dreams haven’t disappeared… just faded, because I love my job….

The camera is my voice… The images are my songs… and my website is the stage…

Thank you for everyone… who came out to today’s “Show” lol 😉

S and P… Thank you so much for asking me to document such an amazing time in your lives…

Stay tuned for Part 2 later today everyone!!!

 xoxox – A