Your out! Zuleta’s Spring Break baseball camp fun… by Cleopatra Photography

Hi Everyone…well, this weekend I got a call from Stacey over at Zuleta’s, asking me to come out and take some pictures for their upcoming spring break baseball camp.

 Of course I said yes!!  Some of my blog stalkers may remember the commercial stuff I did for them when they first opened up last year

 if not check my pics out here…

 Without a doubt its so much fun working with kids and I enjoy it alot… so why not. I got to the field and these kids looked great!! You could really tell that they had been working hard. Trust me.. it was paying off. They were making great cathes, and even learning situational plays. This camp is perfect for kids from ages 7 all the way up to 14!

Sign your kids up today and let them train with the pros!! Thanks again so much for asking me to come out Stacey. Here is a small teaser of the images from today.


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