Happy New year… from Cleopatra Photography! Downtown Fort Myers – New years eve 2011 – 2012

Hi Everyone!!!!


So here I was in Fort Myers for New Years Eve… Not where I wanted to be… but by the end of the night, I was happy I was here and nowhere else….


enjoy a quick peak into my night… It started by us going downtown and eating the most amazing cheese covered potato chips ever (ya know, I had to coat the stomache with something…hehehe)… then over to indigo hotel off Broadway to meet with our group…


So tell me why noone else thought parking in the parking garage was a good idea??? ( we watched people drive around and around for on street parking….?)

hahahah gotta love how slow the minds work in florida….


anyways car in garage for 4$ and we headed out…. throughout the night I had some great drink a few great shots one disgusting one with an oyster in it… yes and oyster… and then champagne at the ball drop…


We spent the last minutes of 2011 on the roof of Indigo… watched fireworks, danced, made new friends, shared our first kiss of 2012 and partied…… hardddd…..

Enjoy a look…


yaaay for delicious cheese covered chips!

the streets…. looking less like downtown then I’ve ever seen….


the people who helped me have a great time ringing in 2012!

and last… the ball drop…

A Halloween themed Wedding not a detail missed….. Cleopatra Photography {i do} Fort Myers Sydney & Berne Davis Center – Wedding Photography

omG!!!! so where to begin.. this day was soo much fun, different and full of little surprises…

Let me start by saying I had my first ever, early and on time Bride, and,  late…. Groomzilla (self proclaimed.. 😉 )

On his way the groom was pulled over ! Luckily he was let go, and made it on time for some awesome shots!

There were bystanders looking on at the blocked road, wondering what all the commotion was about…..

I had a great time, I love THEMED weddings and of course this one took the cake for creative….

from the cupcakes with dry ice to the horror flick seat table names… they did a great job at making this their day…. They didn’t just look in some wedding magazine and say “I want that….”

T, FYI is my hairdresser and one of my  long time friends, long time friend.. if that makes any sense….

I’m so glad to have met this couple and been asked to photograph such a cool wedding! what a breath of fresh air!!!

To view some other “really cool” wedding photography check out our website at www.cleopatraphotography.com

This is definitely a two-part post… so enjoy this half for now… and I’ll see you Tomorrow

CONGRATS R and T!!! xox-A

Modern Vintage Engagement session with a lovely couple in Downtown Fort Myers… Cleopatra Photography {You & Me} Downtown Fort Myers Engagement Photography

Oh my gosh , can I just say this will officially be the biggest post on the blog! and this is only part one my friends!!!! I am so excited to introduce these two to everyone!

It’s not everyday that I get to work with people who are so vibrant and easy-going! These two were my favorite kind of couple! They didn’t look at me and ask… ok what do we do? They were just themselves!!!! With a tiny bit of guidance they certainly blew me away….

They absolutely nailed their vogue look and are ready any day for the runway!

We moved around so much I as usual had my couple sweating… maybe it had a little bit to do with the humidity and a little to do with the martinis we were all sweating out? either way… had such a blast!

I wish I could start every session with a martini! To check out some more unique engagement photography by Cleopatra Photography click here

Any who… B and P, I can’t wait for part deux of your session! it will be amazing!

You guys totally rocked the lense right off the camera and I loved every minute of it! I had SOO much fun and can’t wait to do it again…

Enjoy your photos, and if you happen to see and extra bag show up with your luggage to Peru… it’s me… shhhh… 😉

Thank you so much S and J for telling B and P about me!!!!

This, ladies and gentlemen… is how you do ” fierce”…

5 weeks to go… we dont think so! Cleopatra Photography {Maternity} Fort Myers Maternity and Family Photography in downtown Fort Myers

Hi Everyone!

Here I am as usual… late night just me and the light of the computer… I can hear the quiet hum of Giovanni’s sound machine… Its playing ocean sounds…My pooor guy teething so bad~!

Anyhow… before the ocean puts me to sleep too!!! Here is a sneak peek of the session I had today downtown.

There was some kind of little street festival going on and it made for great smells in the air.. and in little lady G’s words.. The party… that she wore her crown to.

We started at the Train museum and grabbed some great light.. then into downtown we went…

Enjoy our stroll. I cant wait to meet baby ??? T and G ! Thank you so much for asking me to photograph this awesome moment in your family history!!!

We had a little visitor that is making a cameo on the blog tonight.. he wouldn’t leave us alone! hehehe I didn’t mind.. but I’m sure he was lets just say….not the cleanest…


Ms. G doing her “cute” face

I LOVE little G’s face in this shot!! adoreable

If immitation is the sincerest form of flattery… Copy this…. Cleopatra Photography {ROCK the DRESS} Fort Myers and Fort Myers Beach Bridal Photography

Hi Everyone!!! SO…. here I am with the latest and greatest from the one and only beautiful K!!!

If you’re wondering why this post is titled what it is…  I’m just going to throw it right out there…. recently in browsing my competitions blogs etc… I started noticing a trend….

Yes, we all use the same locations… but I am me and they are them…

To all of my loyal clients and friends… You all know how much this disturbed me at first… but in the end… I am an artist…

 people emulate what they love right?

The title wasnt meant to be cocky… just making a point… If your going to outright copy me, have a little more couth and at least don’t post my exact same shots on your blog!

OK rant over!!! SOOOOO today was amazing! It even exceeded my expectations!

This chick is a straight up TROOPER! Getting some of these shots included running through the rain (dress hiked up and umbrella in hand!)

We were the hottest thing to happen in EVER at the Washabout Laundry mat in North Fort Myers!!!

Look for this girl in VOGUE on day my friends…

she’s got “IT”

K, as usual… you rocked my lense! Thank you so much for an amazing time…


xoxo – A


Right before K got in the water…. these little girls ran up and were wondering why she was “so crazy” for putting her gorgeous dress in the ocean…. hilarious…

One day they’ll understand, or maybe they wont! hahaha

and last shot of the night….

The show goes on….. with more of K’s {ROCK the DRESS} session…. Cleopatra Photography – Bridal photographer Fort Myers and Naples

Ok SO as Everyone knows…

I usually edit pics right away from sessions and throw them on the blog..

well with this gorgeous bride, I cant seem to stop editing and sharing!!!!

So with that being said.. enjoy more of K…

she definately rocks this dress…

Oh and look for more later tonight!!!!

xoxo – A

The newly-wed Mrs. T {ROCKS the DRESS} Cleopatra Photography – Fort Myers and Naples bridal photography Fort Myers and Naples “trash the dress” photography

Hello Hello!!!!

So can I just say I feel all out of sorts today because my sidekick is without a phone!!!! anywho…

Today I met with K to do her “Rock the dress” session…. originally we were calling these Trash the dress sessions…. but I don’t really think that describes what I do… or what this type of session really stands for…

In my mind, a Rock the dress session is all about showing off how amazing you look in that GOWN!!!

You spent less than a full day in it and its going to sit in a closet until you pass it on to your daughter…. I know…. I understand….

BUT before you send it off to the cleaners…


if your not exactly sure what I mean… you’ll know by the end of this post! 😉

So anyhow, I picked up K bright and early and we headed to the first spot… a field…

a crappy… cruddy… abandoned… “lot” if you will….

 When I saw it, I said… oh this is soooo perfect… and “dark” and even though I have never seen ANY of the twilight movies or the Harry Potter series for that matter…

I said… Ooooh thats so “twilight-ey” and perfect for her dress…

So we were off… Can I just say this girl knows how to WORK the camera!!!

it doesn’t take much direction from me to pull amazing images out of her! …. SOOO greatful for this lady!

Quick side note: I once had someone tell me…

“I would never do that in real life” referring to the way I was asking her to stand….

I asked her if she’d seen my website?

Her response,



“Then trust me.”

So after a quick run into Downtown Fort Myers we ran to our second location…

a “TOP SECRET” exclusive spot ladies and gents!

ask me how… I’ll make your photos stand out too;)

On to the premier of

ROCK the DRESS by Cleopatra Photography

then on to location #2

This actually drove by… and I said.. Oh wouldnt it be cool if we could use that! and low and behold.. It parked and wahllla!

and last but certainly not least!

Location # 3

The roof

A Ducky and A Doggy….Cleopatra Photography {Children} Fort Myers, Naples, Estero and Bonita Springs Childrens photographer

Hi everyone!!! Ok Soooo I just realized a post I thought I made wasn’t made!!! So here is the DRAFT as an actual BLOG! OOPS!!! Sorry about that D family!

Everyone else meet D and C, these little guys were tough eggs to crack let me tell you!!! Boy were we lucky (with a little suggestion) mommy brought along some props!!

Yay for the DUCK and the DOG!

Enjoy a few pics from their session today.

A sneak peek for L and T…. Cleopatra Photography {you & me} Punta Gorda engagement photography, Laishley Park engagement photography

Hey everyone!!

Take a quick peek at an engagement session I did today for one of  the winners of a free engagement session from the bridal show last month!!

L and T,

I wish you all the best of luck! I had a blast today, and I hope you enjoy your photos!!

I look forward to hearing from you in the future!!!

what a fun couple!!!! by the way!

yes, that is a butterfly…. flying by at the exact right moment!


Here is my take on a “famous” photog “friends” signature

 Bling shot….

often immitated but never duplicated

A & D are getting married…part 2… Cleopatra Photography {you and me} Downtown Fort Myers and Naples Engagement photography

ok everyone… so here is part two of our downtown sessions!!!

Another great night, and this time we got an amazing sunset! enjoy…

 oh btw.. how baller is the pic of them where D has his shades on?



 I ❤ Comments!!!


oh… but first I wanted to share this gem from Last night….


Now on to the new stuff