My Little “Muffin Man” Cleopatra Photograpy – Fort Myers Newborn Photography

Hello Everyone!!

So here I am, back in full effect!

To all my faithful stalkers, I will have  much more for you to see in the next few weeks as my holiday sessions start kicking in!!!

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Anyhow, for those of you who don’t know me…. I took a well deserved break for the best reason ever…

My husband, daughter and I, welcomed a new addition into our family…

Our baby boy! Baby G…


I know I am biased but he is amazing! So precious in every way, looks just like his daddy and has the cutest chin and lips ever!!! 

 Going back in time for a minute…when I found out he was a boy, I felt so complete and happy at that moment. I felt so overwhelmed then only to have that feeling surpassed (in addition to my wedding day and the day my daughter was born) by the moment I saw his face.


I am one of those women that is lucky enough to have easy deliveries and I feel great afterward… 

my labor was about 6 hours long (front to back) and If I do say so myself, I handled it like a pro …hehehe


When I first saw his face, I was overcome with joy and love. For all the mommies out there you know what feeling I am talking about. 

Looking into the eyes of your creation and feeling that immediate bond. Something that is stronger than anything in the world, and everlasting… is so powerful! 

My hubby looked at me and said he is perfect and he was… he cried, I cried and my hubby well his eyes watered.


So without futher delay, here he is world…

my little muffin man,

keep your eyes peeled…. he will be making many more appearnces in the future…=)


A few party pics for Ms. L… Cleopatra Photography – Fort Myers Portrait Photographer

Hi Everyone….

This is a quick little teaser for Ms. L!

 I won’t  dare reveal her age  (you know how us women area about being over 29) but lets just say… This lady is killin it.

She was shy at first but as you all know….I am a master at getting the inner model out of people (if I do say so myself  lol)… once I did she shined.

I was really proud of her because she spoke English with me the entire time! The first time I met her she was speaking only Spanish and has come a long way!  This time was a completely different story… she and I chatted all about how she was returning home to Colmbia to have a party with her family to celebrate her birthday. This is a special party for Ms. L because she wasn’t able to have her Quince after a string of unfortunate events…

So anyhow enjoy Ms. L and Family!! I hope you have a great time at your party and we will be in touch!