A quick teaser…. for C and S – Cleopatra Photography {I Do} Fort Myers Beach PInk Shell Wedding, and Sunset Cruise Photography

Hi Everyone,

This couple contacted me not too long ago and told me they were coming from North Carolina!!  After a date change that moved the wedding up by almost 6 mths, we wrapped up all the planning, and it was set in stone they’d be married on Septmenber 25th.

I love my destination brides, and appreciate all of the trust they put in me when traveling so far for their special day…

 We started the day off at The Pink Shell hotel on Ft. Myers beach, and then made our way over to the ceremony site at Bowditch point. WOW was it hot…

a quick bit of advice for all the future destination and local brides alike… NEVER under estimate the power of Florida heat… even in September.

Luckily, the shade helped us a lot and we were able to get some amazing shots on the beach!

 After the ceremony, we headed down to the Fort Myers Princess dock and boarded the boat for their reception… it was a small party but a lively bunch, and not a single person wasn’t smiling… well that is except for little Miss R who was scared of the boat. (by the end of the night she was dancing away and you’dve never known she spent the boarding events crying!)

 After a few shots on the dock we took off and headed out for a sunset tour.

S and C , thank you so much for inviting me to photograph your special day, and trusting in my abilities even at 37 weeks pregnant…

 I have to admit I was a little worried myself, that I might end up with me being a distraction from your event on your day…. but THANK GOSH …. everything worked out.

This will probably be my last post on the blog for a while faithful stalkers… that is until my little guy makes his appearance..

which i’m sure he will make more than one so stay tuned..

In the meantime. Enjoy a peek at S and C’s day.

caio for now… Ashley

my fav from the boat...


Mini-Session MaNiA at Cleopatra Photography!!!

Hey everyone, check it out…

Most of you know by now I am not working in October!!

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It’s a family affair… Cleopatra Photography {Connections}

Hi Everyone,

so….this post is special to me!

Why you ask …?

 ….well not only are the subjects faithful stalkers, they are family down here from the Northeast!

 Meet A, B and S… my sister and brother in law, and my little nephew… isn’t he so adoreable?!!!

So, tonight we went out to eat at Joe’s Crab shack and afterwards headed downtown to take a few pics… It’s been a little while since we’ve seen this bunch and A has just grown sooo much! He and my little S are already best buddies and from what I hear he was asking for her all day…

Anyhow, we headed downtown and there was a music walk event going on… good times… even huge and ready to pop I still enjoyed walking around and shooting at the same time.

I grabbed some great shots and of course the little guy stole the show… I wish we had more light because I could’ve spent another hour with him easily!!

As a photog/mommy I completely understand how easy it is to get stuck behind the camera, and you end up never seeing yourself in any pics with your little ones!!!

That being said, I know how important it is for us mommies to get in front of the camera!

 so here you go B, I hope you enjoy the pics!!

See you tomorrow for the game…

stalk away, xox, luv A

i just love moments like this one above….




okay, how sweet is the look on his face…

K and M’s sneak peek…Cleopatra Photography {You and Me}

Hi Everyone… here is a quick teaser of M and K!

We started off at Heritage Palms golf course here if Ft. Myers and it was super bright and sunny… during the time of day I like to call squint/sweat-ville… but when we actually grabbed a quick bit of shade it helped a bunch! We managed to grab some really cute shots by a set of gorgeous blue flowers, and in front of the club house too… after a quick wardrobe change or two or three..lol* we headed down to the beach and walked around shooting in a couple of my beach but not too beachy spots…

 This is where my favorite shots of the day came from…

Thank you so much Mr. M for hanging in there, and being a model for the day!!  I hope you enjoy the rest of your trip and say hello to that cool weather for me when you get back home to Ohio! I actually miss the fall and winter.. call me crazy!  


Enjoy your sneak peek!


Whats new with Cleopatra Photography you ask???

Well, lots has been going on as far as side projects in the past year…. and without blogging each event separately, I figured I would just give everyone a quick update. These are some places you can view my commercial projects etc I have been working on…. enjoy

 to inquire about hiring Cleopatra Photography to photograph your event, business or commercial project etc you can contact me @ Ashley@cleopatraphotography.com

In no particular order:

Rasmussen Colleges first graduation (photo was featured in the news-press):


Julio Zuleta’s  Indoor Batting Cages press release ( photo appeared in florida weekly):


Julio Zuleta’s Batting Cages website:


Terry L. McCreary Law Firm’s website:


Sidney Riot Rock Bands website:


Pet Kingdoms website preview:

Magical Home Theaters Website preview:

Charisma Hair Salon:

Remodeling Project for Northern Contracting:

Miss Oregon…. back in Florida! Cleopatra Photography {Rockstars}

Hello Everyone…. this young miss is on vacation from you guessed it, Oregon!

Originally from Florida she’s back for a vacation with her fam, and this self-professed  beach girl wanted to let people know her pics weren’t taken at and were much different than the average…local park back home senior pics… So that’s what I tried to achieve with her today!

She rocked it!!!

 She was a natural poser, and I absolutely loved her eyes! Future Cleopatra Photography Rockstars, take some advice from this girl and relax and just be you!

 C and family! Thank you so much for a great time this afternoon!

I enjoyed walking around the beach with you! I hope you enjoy your trip and I hope to see you all again

… maybe for a family session in the future????

Enjoy your teaser!