Love is simple… Cleopatra Photography {You and Me}


Love is Rewarding, Love is Natural, Love is Unpredictable, Love is Inspiring, Love is Truth, Love is Family, Love is Laughter, Love is Trust, Love is a Smile, Love is a Look, Love is Strong, Love is Loud,Love is Determined, Love is Draining, Love is Quiet, Love is Romance, Love is Emotion, Love is Music, Love is Passion, Love is Simple………………….

The name Sophia means Wisdom….

This little one was an absolute angel……

When she first got out of the car for her photo shoot she was just absolutely the shyest little thing ever… that didn’t last long…. I took her by the hand and she clutched back. A true sign of trust from such a little one.  This one stands out, seemingly so much older than her age. With such a way about her that just screamed I’m an OLD SOUL!!, (as my grandmother would say) I’ve never seen such a serious face on a 3 year old although I managed to grab some smiles….so deep in thought at moments… I wonder what was dancing in her head?

This one will surely grow up to be a beauty.

Loved how this one put her trust in me, loved how she just wanted to go “out to lunch” , and loved how she exuded grace and such a genuine innocence all in one… precious….. There’s something in the name I’m telling you…….

okay maybe I’m biased….

There's something about a Sophia.