Hey Hey! its what to wear day!!!!

okay, so I wanted to start today with A quick what to wear. This is going to be an accessory edition!!!! A great addition to any ensemble…. A layer!!! something to add dimension to your outfit. This could be a sweater tied around your neck for the ladies. A cardigan over a button down, or sport jackets over graphic T’s for the guys. Girls all ages look great with leggings and sweaters, and all boys rock with hoodies and layered T’s.. HATS, HATS, HATS, scarfs, scarfs, scarfs, for everyone!!!! and girls bring on the jewelery! 

…. Here is an example or two….. 




Mini-Session Mania!!!!!!!!!! Photography by Cleopatra, Ft. Myers Florida photographer

Hello Everyone!!!! okay so it seems March is looking a little slow on the Calendar for Cleopatra

So….I am holding a “mini session mania” event located in downtown Ft. Myers on March 13th ONLY!!

Here’s how it works…..

We will schedule a time to meet at the Starbucks downtown on the 13th, We will walk around 2 blocks of downtown Ft. Myers.

Each session should take about 20 minutes.

You pay ONLY $60.00!!!

Heres what you get……

25-30 professionally edited and retouched photos

1- High Resolution CD of all of your images (copyright free , so you can print them)

and (1) 8×10 or 8 wallets of your choice from your session.

Call now to schedule your session with Cleopatra, on March 13th, 2010 starting at 10 a.m.

Time slots are filling up fast!

Call 239-826-4539 or email today to reserve your spot!!!


I’m lost without you….Cleopatra {Weddings}

This past Friday, I had the pleasure of photographing R and K’s wedding. They flew in from up north to celebrate their day here in Florida!! They rented a gorgeous home in Cape Coral. What a trip this group was… I felt like from the moment I walked in the door, I was with family!! I had a great time and Thank you guys so much for being so refreshing and inviting me to help commemorate your day. Love is amazing isn’t it? Here is their sneak peak….


ahh back from my break… with What to Wear

Hi Everyone, 

 Sorry for the hiatus… took a little break after the holidays.

I have a lot to organize coming up in the next few weeks, and I hope you’ll check back to see whats going on at Cleopatra Photography!!!

Okay, so today is What to Wear  Wednesday!!!!! and I scooped these pics from the gap for kids  check it out at www.gap.com


how cute is this little guy…?

Adoption, what an amazing thing….

Its one thing when you adopt a baby… a precious little baby (that even though their parents past decisions may have influenced their growth) They are untouched by the crazy world of influence! They are unaware of social expectations and loved by everyone.  Even the smallest amount of time, spent in the wrong environment, can scar a child for ever. When you adopt a child or a small toddler, they are more likely to have been affected by the cruel world.  

let me tell you about T and M…. two of the sweetest people you will ever meet. Two of the most caring and loving hearts you will ever find….  

Why do I shower them with such adoration you ask??  

 The answer is simple…..  they have adopted not one, two or three but FOUR children…..  four beautiful little children have been given an opportunity to live a new life.  

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of attending/shooting the latest addition, “E” s adoption ceremony, held at the courthouse downtown……  

Being a mommy myself…. my emotions were hard to contain. I knew I was there for a job, but how could you not be overwhelmed. As I sat there, and listened to the judge explain, how this was an easy decision for them because of their proven dedication to these children (not newborns), and how they were such commendable people for their unconditional love.  

I wanted to just burst out in tears, as they announced that he was now a part of their family. But somehow, I managed to pull it together and get some great captures. Here are my favorites.  

I may not have cried, but I couldn’t help but applaud, and the rest of the court room joined in. It was a powerful and inspiring moment. Loving a child, is the most rewarding gift I’ve ever experienced.  

check out little "E" popping up to say hi... oh and Mr "N"s haircut inspired by Miss "E" and Mr "J"