A sneak peek for L and T…. Cleopatra Photography {you & me} Punta Gorda engagement photography, Laishley Park engagement photography

Hey everyone!!

Take a quick peek at an engagement session I did today for one of  the winners of a free engagement session from the bridal show last month!!

L and T,

I wish you all the best of luck! I had a blast today, and I hope you enjoy your photos!!

I look forward to hearing from you in the future!!!

what a fun couple!!!! by the way!

yes, that is a butterfly…. flying by at the exact right moment!


Here is my take on a “famous” photog “friends” signature

 Bling shot….

often immitated but never duplicated

My Special Lady….{Cleopatra’s Heart}

So for those of you who know me, or follow my blog, you probably know I have a 2 year old little girl… 2 and a half to be exact.

She is my heart…. my sidekick… my sppecial lady…  she makes me smile with the world on fire…

today we made it all about her.. even though we have a “new” addition in our house, we always make sure our little lady feels special.. \


 she was the Queen.

Here she is… enjoying the greek festival… and her first ride!!

yes, we gave her a dart... she's got a good arm!


saying, "I want that one!"


and last but not least…just one of the little guy….

Baby L… is finally here… early. Cleopatra Photography {Newborns} Fort Myers and Naples Newborn and Maternity Photography

Hello Hello everyone!! Today I had the pleasure of photographing a newborn little girl!! who is here a little early and weighs just over 5 lbs…soooo tiny!!!!

So Mommy and Daddy… enjoy a  tiny sneak peel of your tiny Gem…

Everyone else, check back soon because we are going to finish her session next week… I can’t wait!!!

Until then… here she is Baby L… a long over due and desired little bundle…

my BFF and her family…. Cleopatra Photography {Connected} Fort Myers and Naples Family Photography

Ok everyone!!! here they are and here SHE is! If you know me, you know that S is my best friend…  and I love her like a sister! S you are such a sweet and kind woman, I am so proud of  all of you have become and I see so much more for you in your future.. hopefully I will always be there to laugh with you=)

To the “F” family, I am honored to have been asked to take your family portraits, love you guys!!!!!

Of course  like so many of the people I hold close to my heart, she lives 1500 miles away…. so yes I am gushing a little bit… I love this lady!!!!


Here is a sneak peek at our day at Koreshan State Park…

love this family!!!!

A & D are getting married…part 2… Cleopatra Photography {you and me} Downtown Fort Myers and Naples Engagement photography

ok everyone… so here is part two of our downtown sessions!!!

Another great night, and this time we got an amazing sunset! enjoy…

 oh btw.. how baller is the pic of them where D has his shades on?



 I ❤ Comments!!!


oh… but first I wanted to share this gem from Last night….


Now on to the new stuff



*UPDATED* A and D Got Engaged!!!! Cleopatra Photography {you and me} Fort Myers and Naples Engagement photographer

three posts in one day… can you say BUSY!

but here we gooooooooo!!!!!

Ok, so tonight I met with A and D. I’ve know them for quite a while now actually! 

 A is my sister-in-laws best friend, and was even at my wedding!!!

These two are a riot… It never gets old to hear couples in love laugh… here is part one of their 2 part session in Downtown


xoxo, A







Click the pic below for fun….

Exclusive Artist Sneak Peek…. Cleopatra Photography {Rockstars} Fort Myers and Naples Musician Photogtraphy

Hello everyone… okay so onto the good stuff… for all of you that read my last post.. enough of the mushy stuff;)

So this couple may look familiar to you on my blog! 

I did their You and Me session in downtown Fort Myers, and their Wedding at Grandezza last year.

Over time we have actually become (me and my husband I mean) friends with this star studded couple…

without further ado…


10 years young… Cleopatra Photography {Cleopatra’s Heart} Fort Myers and Naples photography

To all my followers here is a little insight into my personal life… Yesterday my hubby and I enjoyed an amazing dinner out alone and once again I was reminded of why I love him so much…. He is my best friend.

Here is a little snippet of what I wrote to him yesterday… I’ll spare you from reading the entire novel;)

 to my wonderful husband:

Well,  Happy Valentines Day babe….

here we are, 10 years later, married with 2 kids and on the daily grind……. I never imagined I would be so happy with some of the most simple things in life. You taught me how to appreciate a simple smile and laugh at myself. You believe in me and taught me to believe in myself when I thought the world was against me.  You give me the courage to reach further and achieve more, and most importantly… unconditional love…. 

 I remember the day we met. The way I felt after our first kiss and the way our souls connected the first time you held me….

Forever yours,


If someone were to ask me… what the secret to real love and a happy marriage was (besides all the usual responses; honesty, loyalty, respect, etc. etc…)… I’d say… there is no secret… I’m not sure everyone will experience true love… what I do know… is when you do, you’ll just know.

Here’s a peek at my day….

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almost 5… a family of 5 that is…. Cleopatra Photography {Maternity} Fort Myers Maternity and family photography

Hello everyone!  To close out a busy weekend…

Today, I went out to meet with this adorable family! Ms. J and I met in our pediatricians office and well… here we are celebrating their third addition to the family.

 I will update you with more on their story tomorrow!


Enjoy a sneak peek…





An * Updated* teaser for A and T…. Cleopatra Photography {you and me} Fort Myers, Fort Myers Beach and Naples Engagement photographer

Hi Everyone!!! Wheew!!! Ok so today has been crazy! two sessions and a week full of “my new diet” grocery shopping later… here I am with tonights blog post!

I feel like I am losing my voice too???!!! How’d that happen? I know I did alot of laughing today but man!

okay anyways… These two are adorable!!! There is nothing I enjoy more than 2 things… 1. A well dressed couple!! Very trendy and chic! and 2. people who actually love each other!!!! hahahah I love PUPPY Love 😉

SO… He is going away for a continued tour overseas on V day of all days so what a great way to celebrate before he leaves.

Wish I could join you too in DR on your wedding day but I know you’ll have a drink for me*

Thank you so much for a fun afternoon… hahaha our trolley ride with Wayne we will not soon forget, and sorry I never bought you that drink A, next time…. lol

oh btw WAYNE… we couldn’t understand a word you said……but thanks for the ride and not abducting us=)

Enjoy this fun set! a HUUGE Blog because I couldn’t narrow them down to any less photos!!!

YES, I made you scroll all the way down for the update=) and here it is… a little recap of their day…