This little lady is a diva in the making… just check out her heels ….. Cleopatra Photography – Fort Myers Creative Maternity and Newborn Photography

Hi Everyone!!! So I have been away from the blog for a little while but I’m back and ready to blog away… sooo here we are with Today’s session. I’m not going to write much tonight because I know mommy and daddy are patiently waiting to see these!!!!!

Thank you so Much S and J, for allowing me to be a part of such a special moment in your lives!

Once again, a very long sneak peek… but who can blame me… you’ll see…

Enjoy your images


As I was headed out the door… I had forgotten I’d mentioned something to S earlier about using her “cravings” in the pics…. She reminded me thank gosh!!!

As cute and as “typical” as can be, she pulled pickles and ice cream out of  the fridge and we grabbed these adoreable pics…

and we’ll end with this.. One of my fav’s (well they’re all my fave’s….)

I just think J will really like this one…;)

upside down hearts…………………….. {Cleopatra Photography} – New York City and Boston creative Photography

OK …. so Last week I was MIA and missed my babies like you wouldn’t believe…

While I was in New York, I managed to grab a few shots of the area around where I was staying… it was China town…


While I was in NYC and away from my life at home, I heard the saying “everything happens for a reason”  over and over again…. whether its fate or destiny… call it what you will… I don’t believe in accidents…

When I got to JFK and sat down at my gate… I saw these two girls laughing and joking… wearing matching hats…. I couldn’t help but get emotional…. looking at them and how they interacted with each other…. It reminded me of me and my bff….

I got on the plane, I sat down and got situated….. put my bag in the overhead, and here came these two…

they sat next to me the whole ride home… ” oh thank goodness, a girl!”, one of them said as she scootched by and into her seat…

There is no such thing as a coincidence….

M and D tie the knot!!! Cleopatra Photography – Cape Coral Wedding Photography and Boston Wedding Photography

Thats right everyone! You read that correctly!!!! I am offering weddings and Portrait sessions in the New England area.

Last night I had the pleasure of being asked to help a friend shoot the lovely wedding of M and D. Check out Crystals website at


It took Place at The Marina Resort in Cape Coral Florida!

The bride and groom looked amazing. She a classic beauty, and him a daper gent. These two looked sharp, as you’ll soon see!!!

After a quick ceremony, where the bride was surprised and so happy to see her Dad there, we were excited to get started with the party.

Before the drinking and dancing, we got to my favorite part of any wedding day… The bride and groom… alone… married, for the first time…

This place had some awesome features that made for stunning images!

Ok so on to the party…. amazing music plus a little booze equals a packed dance floor!

BUT! that wasn’t until a little later in the night… before that it was filled with beautiful moments and dances that were tear-jerkers…. There was a moment during the first dance I looked over at M’s Dad, and he was bawling…

In that moment, I imagined my own daughter at her wedding day, and had to hold back tears….my eyes are welling up just thinking about it! *sigh*

M and D you guys are awesome! I had such a great time meeting you and all of your family!

I wish you all the best of luck in the future and remember Cleopatra Photography TRAVELS! 😉

To book Cleopatra Photography for your wedding day contact us at

Anyhow… On to the couple!