It’s Contest Time! Central Mass FREE Photography {Cleopatra Photography} Boston and Worcester Mass, Photography

Hi Everyone!

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I had an amazing weekend.. not only did I have a crazy reunion with all my old girlfriends from 15+ years ago, but then today I had an awesome time with my husband’s brother and his family….

I had waay too much to drink on Saturday, but I haven’t had that much fun in a looong time… It felt amazing to be surrounded by so much love! it was an afternoon full of memories… old and new… I missed this so much!

My girls look amazing! hahah everyone is still the same.. not one of us really changed who we are… we just grew up and became mommies, wives, entrepeneurs and more… but still “the sorority” sisters remain the same!

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Where have you been!? Cleopatra Photography update! Central Massachusetts Photography

oh my goshhhhhh! So I just wrote a super long blog post, went to save it and BOOM.. something went wrong, and here I am with no draft!

URGGG… so anyways, here is a recap of the last post!

ok so how I have missed blogging! I just went on a little hiatus trying to get my family ready.. ready for what?


Oh a cross-country move that’s all!

YUP we did it! we finally made the move and are here back home (about 30 miles south of Boston)

It’s funny how when your younger you want to leave home, and as you age, no place feels like “home”

After being gone for ten years…we were done, and it was definitely time for a change.

I learned so much over the past ten years. I suffered so many hardships, and yet I REFUSE TO GIVE UP.

I have changed my life so much in the past 6 months its crazy! I started cross-fit and love it… yup I drank the kool-aid… To anyone who puts down the style or technique… don’t be ignorant!!! you can talk to me when you come to my gym…

There is no Pilates, yoga or zumba there… oh and no mirrors….sorry. 🙂 I kid…


I have lost 35 pounds since January… and almost 70# since I had my son. I feel like a whole new person…I am grateful very grateful… I did this for me, not because I wanted to make someone else happy… it was time for a change and I did it.

Earlier this year, I lost something that I thought meant the world to me, and its funny how now 6 months with it gone… I realized how I didn’t lose it at all.. I left it behind.

So here is to new beginnings…

I have had tons going on, and lots of photos to post during these past 90 days, but I am not going to blog each session separately… I know, I know…

Hey if you want to see all the sneak peeks go check out my Facebook page!

I also am running monthly FREE session give-aways!  YUP FREE to fans (I am using all you have to do is like and comment to be entered!)

Thank you to all my current fans (all 270 of you) for your continued support of my dream. I can’t wait to turn heads in CENTRAL MASS and NEW ENGLAND!

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I will start here with a few of my little lovies… I know so many of you want to see them…

here they are…

Sophia and Giovanni, my two hearts walking outside my body..

enjoy xx-A

and from C…

WooHOO go SOX! lol

TALAYNA FORTUNADO and Strong is the new Sexy…… Cleopatra Photography {Rockstars} Fort Myers and Cape Coral Crossfit Women Photography

Hi everyone!

SO…. I have had a veryyy busy week!  Lots of planning for the future 120 days woohooo!!! lots of family time…. and lots of cleaning!

But, in the middle of all the madness, I had this awesome session with some amazing chicks!

Talk about motivating!

These women are devoted, not only to fitness but to their families! Almost all of them mommies like me!

I am three weeks into crossfit, and surprised myself today by hitting a new goal already! yaaaaay… I truly love it!

I found something that’s GENUINE…. and gives me back exactly what I give it… its the realest thing in my life!

Those of you who are close to me, go check out my other blog that’s tracking my progress!

I just started writing, so give me a break over there ok!?!?!

Anywho as I was saying, these women are devoted, hard workers…. Id be lying if I said I didn’t strive to be like them physically… but, I think it’s more of a mental thing, atleast for me anyway.

So many bad habits are done for me… this is one of my first “good habits” if you will…

I am moving on and upward with a whole new set of eyes…

Enjoy these gorgeous ladies! ( You all did amazing!!!!!)

OH, and yes they’re showing off…. 😉 Cant wait for it to be my turn!


Here is the group of ladies! Not your average portrait! LOVE IT!

Miss J killing the lense!

Sassy back squats by Miss A….

The “We go hard!” look… lol

miss S doing her thing! FYI this one told me she couldn’t make a serious face… LIES!

now on to Miss. K ! Mama of FOUR thats right, 4! and one of them is 18! shhh…. Sorry K, you should be soo proud! oh by the way.. according to her, she never takes a good picture, also false! 😉

Meet Miss N… she and her hubby go to the gym together and bring their kids along! NO EXCUSES! …. p.s. ONE day we will be the pull-up Queens N~!

Here she is, my coach! Miss L…  Im not ashamed to say she inspires me… hard work is hard work, no matter how you slice it… i have certainly come to appreciate that recently!!!! anywho…she’s a dedicated mama and still finds time to look like this….  oh and she’s an absolute riot…. we laugh hard together…:p

Here is Miss T…. amazingly talented and also writes a super inspirational blog on her journey within fitness! She was no stranger to the camera and did some amazing stuff for me! Congrats on your finish this past weekend at WODapalooza!

Now… On to Miss A…. A mommy, a twin and a crossfitter…. loved the looks this lady gave… and she was such a natural at posing!

one last glance at the group!

Now that you’ve met everyone, time for some fun!!!

This is as far as I go…. One day! I will be all the way up…. STRICT! look at these chicks crush it in heels…

now handstands! ONE HANDED ….

how bout this fun one!

im throwing this in because I love it!

if your interested in joining a crossfit gym in Cape Coral contact me! and I can hook you up with Crossfit Salvation…


Happy New year… from Cleopatra Photography! Downtown Fort Myers – New years eve 2011 – 2012

Hi Everyone!!!!


So here I was in Fort Myers for New Years Eve… Not where I wanted to be… but by the end of the night, I was happy I was here and nowhere else….


enjoy a quick peak into my night… It started by us going downtown and eating the most amazing cheese covered potato chips ever (ya know, I had to coat the stomache with something…hehehe)… then over to indigo hotel off Broadway to meet with our group…


So tell me why noone else thought parking in the parking garage was a good idea??? ( we watched people drive around and around for on street parking….?)

hahahah gotta love how slow the minds work in florida….


anyways car in garage for 4$ and we headed out…. throughout the night I had some great drink a few great shots one disgusting one with an oyster in it… yes and oyster… and then champagne at the ball drop…


We spent the last minutes of 2011 on the roof of Indigo… watched fireworks, danced, made new friends, shared our first kiss of 2012 and partied…… hardddd…..

Enjoy a look…


yaaay for delicious cheese covered chips!

the streets…. looking less like downtown then I’ve ever seen….


the people who helped me have a great time ringing in 2012!

and last… the ball drop…

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!! From Cleopatra Photography 2011….

Wow what a day… I have been crazy busy, so sorry this is just getting up now,

Today, was a great day. There isn’t anything better in the world than looking down at my two kids covered in toys… enjoying their innocent christmas morning. Forgetting about everything in the world to just have fun.

We all need that. Fun. We also need love, we need friends and we need our families…

After losing someone really close to me this month, that has really begun to sink in… more  than ever… we all say it, but you never think it will happen to someone you know… tragedy that is…

I will hug my kids tighter, I will never leave without giving my husband a hug and kiss, and each goodbye will last that much longer.

I miss everyone that’s far away today terribly…

I’m lucky I have these smiles…. they make me feel like I’m “home” no matter where my head rests.

Enjoy my babies xmas pictures…

Merry Christmas Everyone…


its the puffin muffin’s cupcake time! Cleopatra Photography {Cleopatra’s Heart} Smash Cake Photography Fort Myers

my Happy Birthday Boy….

My little man is 1 year old… its cupcake time!…. Cleopatra Photography {Cleopatra’s Heart} Fort Myers baby and childrens photography

… so we always say that time flies, but I’m saying it again…

This year I have been through ups and downs. Suffered incredible losses, and had amazing accomplishments. Steady as I go…

here is my little man… The first set were actually taken a few days ago or a week ago, but trying to get the weather to cooperate has been …not so easy so we ended up on the patio as it pours….

His “smashing” of the cupcake was adorable…. he is so much like his sissy… first time with a cupcake (on their first birthday’s) and they were both clueless about how to act… its sooo funny! The guy didn’t really smash, he tasted… he carefully stuck his hands in the frosting first, and I had to help him get them to his mouth! I don’t think he knew it was to eat! At one point he screamed and waved his hands in the air before smiling super big showing me his two lonely bottom teeth… *sigh*

If you know anything about me… you know how I  feel  about holidays and celebrations…. my passion for photography and this little guy are whats keeping me today….

before I go… I saw this on Facebook this morning and copied it as my status…

This is so true, I actually held my breath reading it… and wanted to cry when I was done…

“As we grow up, we learn that the people that weren’t supposed to ever let us down, probably will. You’ll have your heart-broken & you’ll break others hearts. You’ll blame a new love for things an old love did. You’ll fight with your best friend, you’ll cry because time is flying by & eventually you’ll lose someone you love. So take too many pictures, laugh too much, forgive freely & love like you’ve never been hurt. Because every second you spend angry or upset, is a second of happiness you can never get back…”

Enjoy part one of my little man’s birthday session…





My Puffin and Muffin in the pumpkin patch…. Cleopatra Photography {My Heart} Fort Myers Childrens and Baby photography at Pumkin Patch

As I get ready for what we are calling a celebration, for my little man’s first birthday… There are so many things I am grateful for. My family. The people who love me… and support me.

All I ever wanted in life was to be a great friend, an amazing wife, and Successful. But above all those things , a mommy…. Not just a mother, but a mommy…. and a great one.

When I look at my babies, I feel an immense sense of responsibility, and see the definition of unconditional love….

but the greatest burdens I face, bear no weight on the heart or back of who I am as a mother.

When my babies look at me, I smile back… my heart is full. I know it’s all worth it, and I can do it. I’ll stop bawling now…. and share one last thing ….

The time I share with them is timeless and priceless… those memories are my legacy.

Second time there in a day!  it was muuuuuuch cooler and almost dark this time around.

G was exhausted and had no clue why he was sitting on these big orange thingies!

this is the famous G face…. he makes it when he is making a point… or drumming.

My baby no more, because she’s 3!!! Cleopatra Photography {My Heart} Children and toddler photography Sanibel Island Florida

So We have all heard the saying “time flies” … I know it does…I blink my eyes and my newborn is 9 months and my baby girl is a big girl….. it does fly… but you can freeze it! Somewhere I read that you should take mental notes during moments…  stepping back and reveling in the moment is easier said than done….. BUT you can relive them with powerful images… the kind of pictures that bring you right back to that moment…. these images of my kids remind me of the belly laugh…   and warm my heart with their smiles…

My baby girl turned 3… here are some of her images to celebrate another beautiful year of growth, learning, love and lots of hugs and kisses!!!

enjoy xoxo – A

The color was sooo gorgeous coming off of the sunset….. this guy laughs so easily… he is gonna be a comedian like daddy….