Hello and welcome baby R into the world… Cleopatra Photography {newborns} Fort Myers Maternity and Newborn photographer

Hello Everyone!

Welcome little Miss R into the world!

She is soo tiny! My little guy is already close to 10lbs!!

This little one weighing in at just over 6lbs when she was born, makes me realize just how fast time flies, and these babies grow!

I arrived at the perfect time for little miss R today! She was knocked out just had a very tiring bath and had a full tummy! Off I went shooting away! It took a little patience but I got “the shot” with the baby resting her hands… well you’ll see… When I nailed this pose mommy said Oh my gosh I’m gonna cry!! I absolutely love moments like that!! So raw and real and every little bit of a mothers love is evident at that point.. that just one look at your baby can move you to tears….

Thank you so much B family! See you soon for Part 2…

for now enjoy your mini-sneak peek!

and Last but certainly not least…” The Shot”

A sneak peek for “I” and “E” ….Cleopatra Photography {You and Me} Sanibel Island Wedding Photographer

Hello Everyone!


The Wedding of  “I” and “E”  took place at the Casa Ybel resort on Sanibel Island.

It was a gorgeous out, and everyone was so excited right from the get-go! When the bride arrived she was nervous, but was doing a good job at keeping her composure. We got her dressed quickly and went over to her reception sight on the beach. As they said their vows everyone watched on with such admiration. It was very refreshing to see so many people that cared about this couple. It was proven again during their reception, as one guest after another gave the most heart-warming toasts and inspirational speeches. They talked about how the two of them were meant for each other, and through their relationship they had both matured and molded into the husband and wife that they had just become. 

When it was time to relax and let loose …Let me just tell everyone that this group definitely knows how to party and pose for pictures!!  Part of this group traveled from the Virgin Islands and they were all so excited to be there celebrating such a happy occasion….

 To the happy couple, thank you for having me commemorate your day. I truly wish you all the best.

Enjoy your sneak peek photos.



and the award for the most appearances on my blog goes to… I and L! Cleopatra Photography {Connected} Fort Myers Family and Childrens photographer

Hello stalkers and newbies alike!

If you’ve been following for a while, you are definitely familiar with these two!  I first met their mommy J in Walgreens when I was portfolio building almost 2 years ago. Since then we have done quite a few sessions and I look forward to them every time!! They have grown so much and are following direction now which makes their sets of images just that much better!! And I am noticing more and more personality with every session! They even had different hairdo’s this time around which I thought were just to die for!

Their mommy is a yoga instructor so email me if you are interested in getting hooked up with her for some lessons or classes! Daddy is an…. hmmm….. well I can’t remember the name of  what he does but he gives epidurals…. yikes! I’m sure a fan of the result but can’t imagine administering them!!!


Anyhow enjoy the many faces of I AND L.

I love twins!

Thanks again guys for squeezing into my available time slot yesterday! I had fun running around with you 4 and I look forward to it again in the future!

Oh and Happy 3rd birthday girls!

Enjoy your sneak peek!

We’ll start off with my favorite from the day….

to die for right???


the "shy" girl....




the many faces of this little miss cracked me up....


just adoreable.....

last but not least….

the whole gang...

A late night sneak peak for K and L – Cleopatra Photography {Connected} Fort Myers Children and Family Photographer

Hi everybody!

and so it begins… the holiday family sessions season that is!!

I am about 3 weeks after baby and things are already picking up! I’ve got 2 weddings in the next 2 weeks, and about 4 family shoots.

 I did two back to back today.

This was actually my second shoot of the day… I promise I’m not playing favorites.

It just so happens, I pulled this memory card out first.

I actually can’t wait to get to the second set of photos done either, because they are an all time favorite family of mine! stalkers you know this family well…


This family however is a set of “long” time friends! 

 I say “long” because in Florida people you know come and go, and it seems like everyone is moving away!!!

so yeah … 3-4 years thats long….

I met K working a few years back at the same mortgage company.

 Needless to say, the industry has changed, and so have both of our professions!

I couldn’t be happier about that!=)

We reconnected after having our girls, play-dates are the best!! hahaha

A lot more than just our jobs have changed though. We both have little girls and now this family is expecting their second little lady in the spring!


I love friends with kids! I love all of you without kids too, but my little girl absolutely loves other kids. All the parents out there can relate I’m sure, when I say it’s so much easier for us to hang out, if I know she can also be entertained, and is at a fellow baby proofed house!

The fact that we will both be families of 4 with both “sets” of our kids only about 6 mths apart makes me that much happier.

 As an added bonus, this mommy grew up right down the street from me just the next town over!

We always have a blast together, and I truly appreciate her Massachusetts humor!

Here they are, and their little girl G.

Thank you guys again, for such a fun time downtown tonight!

I hope you’ll let me photograph that new little lamb when she is born!




enjoy your sneak peek


look at these eyes!


one of my absolute if not my favorite of the day...


after this photo G said... "I don't hear a baby"... smart little cookie...

My little girls BFF…. Cleopatra Photography {Little Ones} Fort Myers Children’s photographer

Hi Everyone! Here she is…

Miss “S” You may have seen her on the blog before with pic of my little “S”!

They are officially best buds… lol.. As moms me and her mommy joke about the trouble they will get into at 16.

I have actually know her mommy and daddy for a few years now but only recently reconnected after a mishap run-in at an event I was shooting (her hubby happened to be playing at with his band DVS plug plug!) I am so happy we were able to get reconnected because my little girl absolutely loves this little lamb! I can’t wait until her mommy has her little boy due in December!

Then it will be our two girls and our two boys! We joke about having to order a table for 8.

 I can hardly believe my little guy is here already!

Anyhow, here are a few sneak peek pics for you all to enjoy!

Keep your eyes open for her baby brother soon!

Hopefully mommy will let me photograph him when he’s brand new!


last but not least the BFF's ❤

Inside the Actors Studio with K and J… Cleopatra Photography {You and Me} – Fort Myers Engagement Photographer

Hi Guys!!

Thank you so much for such a fun evening!

 I hope you had a great time… I definately did, and can’t wait to photograph your wedding in the spring…

On my b-day I might add, so it’s a double special day!!


Tonight I met K and J at Love Boat Ice cream! A cute litte place I never even knew existed until they suggested it

(and I have been living in Ft. Myers for 8 years!!! how pathetic is that??)

 So anyways, what a cute little joint with great treats! I can’t wait to bring my kids there to enjoy the home-made goodies!


We spent about 45 minutes taking in the sights there..lol and then headed down to Fort Myers Beach.

 These two are such a cute couple! great smiles and definately know how to turn it on for the camera… my favorite kind of shoots!!  I was a little shocked when the previously blonde K showed up with this new number… maybe not new to her but new to me, and I actually had to do a double take to make sure it was her! 

Full of smiles and laughs we got some great expressions and I have to say what a great set of photos we got guys!

I had a hard time choosing which ones I wanted to display on the blog seriously!! oh and that light at the end of our Ice cream session was killing it!!!!


I hope you enjoy the pics, and we will be in touch soon!!