Here I am with another midnight teaser…. for the new Mr. and Mrs… enjoy…

Well today was certainly a scorcher (almost 90 is what the car thermometer was reading!!!)  Thank gosh for the beautiful 100-year-old trees providing us with some much appreciated shade, at the historical site where the event was located!!!

I loved the color scheme at the wedding today, all natural tones. Maroon, brown, khaki’s and earthy greens… They had the cutest cake adorned with “pearls” and topped with kissing birds. When describing the style, I would say overall it was trendy in a down to earth sort of way, with a touch of vintage if that makes any sense…

These two remind me of me and my hubby because like us, they met in high school, and have been together for 10 years…today was their 10 yr “anniversary” actually!!! I’m not sure what it is but they (and we) must be doing something right… oh wait!

 I do know… it’s called love…unconditional….

Never give up on true, determined and ever-lasting love….

I wish you two all the best of luck, and thank you for inviting me to be a part of your special day today.  

P.S. I almost lost it when you guys had your first dance, and chose my girl Chrissy Hindes and the Pretender’s, “I’ll stand by you”…. I love love love that song.

Enjoy your sneak Peak….


2 thoughts on “Here I am with another midnight teaser…. for the new Mr. and Mrs… enjoy…

  1. You are amazing!!!! How beautiful! U almost made me cry with your kind words! I totaly ❤ u soo much! Thank u for everything!!!

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