Happy New year… from Cleopatra Photography! Downtown Fort Myers – New years eve 2011 – 2012

Hi Everyone!!!!


So here I was in Fort Myers for New Years Eve… Not where I wanted to be… but by the end of the night, I was happy I was here and nowhere else….


enjoy a quick peak into my night… It started by us going downtown and eating the most amazing cheese covered potato chips ever (ya know, I had to coat the stomache with something…hehehe)… then over to indigo hotel off Broadway to meet with our group…


So tell me why noone else thought parking in the parking garage was a good idea??? ( we watched people drive around and around for on street parking….?)

hahahah gotta love how slow the minds work in florida….


anyways car in garage for 4$ and we headed out…. throughout the night I had some great drink a few great shots one disgusting one with an oyster in it… yes and oyster… and then champagne at the ball drop…


We spent the last minutes of 2011 on the roof of Indigo… watched fireworks, danced, made new friends, shared our first kiss of 2012 and partied…… hardddd…..

Enjoy a look…


yaaay for delicious cheese covered chips!

the streets…. looking less like downtown then I’ve ever seen….


the people who helped me have a great time ringing in 2012!

and last… the ball drop…