“D” and “B”s Wedding Day Teaser…. Cleopatra Photography {I Do} Fort Myers Small Wedding photography

Hi guys!! Right off the bat, I have to say how cute you two were!!!

Trust me when I say, not every couple is as easily photographed, and just falls into place like you two did!

 Thank you for such a fun morning.

I am so glad you invited me to be a part of your day! The ceremony was really cute.

Time after time its hard for me to keep from crying, when I hear loving and genuine words at ceremonies between two people in love,

…and I heard those words from both of you today…

I wish you all the best, and can’t wait to photograph your family session later in the fall!!

Here is your teaser… enjoy!

“H” Family Sneak peek!!…………Cleopatra Photography {Connections}

Hi “H” family!!! Thank you for a fun-filled morning!! When I first got a call from you “A”,

 I was so excited to help your family commemorate such a special moment!

For all you stalkers this Daddy is in the military and is home on a short 2 week break…..

I can only imagine the strength it takes to raise two little ones without my hubby being present all the time, and “A” I give you tons of credit!


So I started out to the house at about 7:45 this morning, to try to get the pics done before the sweltering Florida heat got to us…

lets just say  by 9:00, it was rearing its head, and Lil miss “L” wanted to get in the pool!!!!

I didn’t blame  her one bit!


But after some coercing, and a little bit of running around, we were able to grab some adorable little pics of these two and their mommy and Daddy…

by the way…

they were what I like to call, a “one of each” family…. you know…. where one looks just like mommy and the other just like Daddy… 😉

but I still see some of the other parent in each of them!

As all of us parents know, 5 and 19 months  are ages where it’s not exactly easy to get perfect expressions and staring at the camera…

so I thank you “A” and “B” for your patience trying to get them just to look at me just right!! 

I know we will have fun in another 6 months when we are at it again…maybe for little Mr. “B”s birthday!!??

Here is your sneak peek!