My long lost BFF… Cleopatra Photography {Connections} Marlborough, Massachusetts Urban Photography

Hi Everyone… Ok so here is sneak peek # 2 from my trip back home… I have been Super busy editing, and don’t even know where to begin or end… (thats more of an issue than beginning)

This post is special to me in a way not so many people will understand… You see… Ms. N is my long-lost BFF from yeaaarrrs ago… Of course social networking has reunited us and its been almost 15 years since we’ve seen each other…

Since then we have 5 kids between us and I’m sure an amaaazing amount of stories that one day will be shared over a glass of wine.. or maybe a bottle… EACH.

anyhow I’ve known N since I was about 7 yrs old… seeing her with her babies was amazing… Next time.. we’ll have all 3 of them there…;)

enjoy your sneak peek hun. xoxo- A

click on the pic below for fun!