Orange Grove Engagement Session – Cleopatra Photography {You & Me} Fort Myers and Naples Themed Engagement Photography

Hi Peeps,

Ok so ready for some fun! This shoot involves a little bit of everything! Well, everything I haven’t done anyways…

For today’s shoot we went out to a friend of a friend’s orange grove, and got some amazing shots!

A little history on these two…..

they love to travel, they love photography and all things shabby chic, and not to mention… They’re getting their majors at the same time!

When planning for this shoot, my mind just went wild with all the options… but as usual, I threw the book out as soon as we got there, and went right to “work”

The first stop included hopping a fence and listening to someone pop off a few rounds in the distance… of course after ducking for cover…we went further into the property… kidding…

no bullets came our way ! Thank goodness…

So at the first location we shot at, we found a really cool John Deere tractor that looked it’s age.. and an antique old overgrown bush-filled produce truck…SO COOL.

then we ducked into the greenhouse, Loved this spot too… so many lines!

okay, now on to the fun stuff… we got to the grove not a soul in sight.. and went to work, I spent “no time” decorating and staging and we were shooting…. I had a blast and love all the range in light… it was perfect…. golden and soft

P and B, I hope you had a great time too!!

Enjoy their day….. Our day, at the grove…

Can’t wait to see you guys again! Enjoy


LOVE this next image…. these two know how to laugh!!! and loud… ❤

what an awesome lighting situation… Can you say “stupid golden light?”