A and K tied the knot… and I was a guest!!!!! Cleopatra Photography – Rhode Island Wedding photography

Hi Everyone!!!! Ok sooo, this is a special event to me because I’ve known the groom for 10 years…

He was the first person my husband introduced me to from his world, (and fittingly my husband was the best man standing proudly next to A)

I tell people the story all the time about the first time I met A, and how he danced around with a plastic ice cream cone top on his head for 15 minutes….

(from a kids piggy bank…. you know the big kind, with the sugar cone bottom, swirled “ice cream” top, complete with the slit for the coins…)

Anyhow I thought two things…omgosh he is hilarious, and what would a chick see in this guy?? hahaha but over time I soon realized why he was Chris’ friend…  he was funny, loyal, smart as all hell, and an all around great guy.

When we met K for the first time… I remember riding home from Naples and saying to Chris… I like her A LOT!!! I wonder if they’ll get married….?

Well they waited and waited… j/k… then A stood at our wedding in April of 2007, and then boom… 2 years and 2 kids of our own later… we found out A had popped the ?

So How excited was I??? when I got to be a guest!!!!

We almost didn’t make this trip… (thank you K for making it happen… )

The wedding was gorgeous, decorated beautifully and the food was amazing!!!  I met some amazing people, danced with my love for the first time in a long time.. and reunited with two amazing people and friends.. A and K.. thank you so much for allowing me behind the scenes….

Enjoy your..  NOT working the wedding.. candido’s as I call them… oh and a few detail/miscellaneous shots too…

To see more of their photos check out the amazing Jamison Wexler at www.jamisonwexler.com Thank you Jamie for allowing me to “second shoot” this one:)

We’ll start with the groom!!! Since that’s where I was the majority of the “getting ready” time

yes ladies… she got him a rolex… classic time-piece

there was a moment when I saw the bride and groom rushing away to this room before their entrance, hehehe sneaky little me… caught them in the middle of “practice”  😉

13 year old “V” sang her heart out… shocking everyone at the party! so adoreable and a special treat…

and last… a fun one of the bride at the end of the night!!!