D and A… tie the knot!! – Cleopatra Photography – Fort Myers and Naples wedding photography

Well I hope everyone remembers this cute couple!!!! they tied the knot on 11-5-11 and had an amazing day!

The wedding had the cutest details from bircages to hand flags… and oh not to mention individual place setting with actual china and tea cups!!!!

Not one person wasn’t dancing and having a great time…. I love weddings and I love LOVE!…. I cried 3 times during this wedding! waaay too many if you ask me! lol… during the ceremony when A professed her love to her new step daughter, I. When D’s dad spoke to A and told her in a “speech” he had no note cards for…. how much he loved her and wanted her to be a part of their family and was proud to have a daughter… her as a daughter… and when D had his first dance with his little girl I.

What an amazing day and some amazing colors…  enjoy their gorgeous wedding day…