the bond of a sister… Cleopatra Photography – Fort Myers Unique and Creative Maternity Photography

ok everyone guess who is getting behind on editing!?!?! THIS GIRL!

SO that means super quick post tonight… I’m sure you recognize these little ladies…

well.. as you can see, mommy is expecting… SO exciting for them I can imagine…

We shot this mini-session at a new location for me! Gracie’s Cupcakes! YUMMY!!!!!

J and B Thank you  for letting me photograph thisw moment in your lives!!!!!!

Everything is better with a little bit of spice right…???

so add Pepper… ūüėČ

Cant wait to meet this baby!

enjoy the pics..

xoxoxo- A

So much for a quick sneak peek… I can’t get enough of these images…

Patiently waiting….


My baby no more, because she’s 3!!! Cleopatra Photography {My Heart} Children and toddler photography Sanibel Island Florida

So We have all heard the saying “time flies” … I know it does…I blink my eyes and my newborn is 9 months and my baby girl is a big girl….. it does fly… but you can freeze it! Somewhere I read that¬†you should¬†take mental notes during moments…¬† stepping back and reveling in the moment is easier said than done….. BUT you¬†can relive them with powerful images… the kind of pictures that bring you right back to that moment…. these images of¬†my kids¬†remind¬†me of the belly¬†laugh…¬†¬† and warm¬†my heart with their smiles…

My baby girl turned 3… here are some of her images to celebrate another beautiful year of growth, learning, love and lots of hugs and kisses!!!

enjoy xoxo – A

The color was sooo gorgeous coming off of the sunset….. this guy laughs so easily… he is gonna be a comedian like daddy….

one more of this little “P”ea…. How could I resist?!? – Cleopatra Photography – Marlboro Mass Newborn Photography

ok so… here I am about to post a completely un-related blog and had to¬†stop for a second because I saw this……¬†while editing every once¬†in a while, I come across an image¬†I just HAVVVEEE to post….

here is one of those that grabs your heart and make you go awwwww…

get ready to melt…







Finally… another little man…. Cleopatra Photography Fort Myers and Naples Newborn Phootgraphy

Hi Everyone… as you can see its way late… way past my “bed time” … tomorrow is my angel’s special day… so no long post tonight!


Thank you so much A and J and Mee-maw to allow me to come into your home and photograph such a special moment with you!!! We pushed as usual and got some amazing shots!!!


enjoy a few…







trust me, this is no maybeline.. she was born with it… Cleopatra Phtoography – Marlboro Mass., Infant and toddler photography

Hi stalkers!!!! check me out 3 posts in 3 days!!!! I wish I was always this busy!!!! Help me out and tell your friends about Cleopatra photography! or tell them to contact me at


Anyhow, check out this little mama!~ OMG adoreable! She was s uper sleepy and we still managed to get her to smile for these great photos!

Mommy, another old friend of mine I havent seen in 10+ years!!! LOOKED AMAZING… she hasnt aged a minute! I was so happy to see her again and glad to reunite with one more of my “bathroom girls”….


Enjoy your sneak peek!!!

xoxo- A









and last… I did get mommy in for a pic or two;-)

The S family and their vision… Cleopatra Photography – Marlboro, Mass Family Photography Fort Myers family photography

WHATS UP People!!??? I am so busy but here I am with another blog post for you.

I have known the S family since I was about 13 or 14 years old. I always knew C was a star!!!! and her family didn’t disappoint either~ =)


This was my first time meeting her little niece who is just a few days older than my little lady!!!



Just a little tad-bit of insider news on this amazing family…..

Mr. and Mrs. S are writing a book about their struggles and overcoming the obstacles they faced being the parents of a deaf child. L, little R’s daddy… also¬†pictured in the images.

Funny the way things work out… you see… little R is hearing… even though both of her parents aren’t…. amazing….

I can’t wait to be a part of this family network, I feel honored to have been asked!!!


I wish you all the best of luck S family in all your endeavors!

Enjoy your sneak peek of images




This little “90 yr old man”, and his two favorite ladies… Cleopatra Photography – The Grist Mill Family – Unique Photography Sudbury Mass

Hey everyone! Ok here we are with another teaser… for a lonng time friend of mine.. R!

R was at my high-school graduation party and I think that was the last time we saw each other!!!

Well, when I saw her with her beautiful babies I couldnt believe it! She looked the same and had blossomed into a beautiful woman! With two adoreable “babies” I might add…

So here is your sneak peek R!

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Miss A .. a multi-talented.future model… if she wants to be;) … Cleopatra Photography – Marlboro, Mass. Urban, unique photography

Hi Everyone! Ok sooo here I am with the¬†first of many sneak peeks to come!!! I can not wait until I get the whole gallery edited … BUT,¬†I can only edit so much and sleep so little ūüėČ

So let’s get this kicked off with miss A !! oh my goodness can you say beautiful!!!??? I’ve know A’s mom for yeeaars¬†and its crazy to see how we have all grown up and her “little baby girl” is now a teenager!!!! I feel OLD!!!! ugh… anywhooo….¬†Shy at first, this one finally broke out of her shell and gave me some great looks!

Enjoy a few …

Miss A and her mommy and Yia¬†Yia…¬†3 beautiful women. Kind, genuine and good-natured. These are some of the reasons I miss home…

Sorry I missed the party guys:(

I hope everyone is excited and sent a link to the website!!!


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This little lady is a diva in the making… just check out her heels ….. Cleopatra Photography – Fort Myers Creative Maternity and Newborn Photography

Hi Everyone!!! So I have been away from the blog for a little while but I’m back and ready to blog away… sooo here we are with Today’s session. I’m not going to write much tonight because I know mommy and daddy are¬†patiently¬†waiting to see these!!!!!

Thank you so Much S and J, for allowing me to be a part of such a special moment in your lives!

Once again, a very long sneak peek… but who can blame me… you’ll see…

Enjoy your images


As I was headed out the door… I had forgotten I’d mentioned something to S earlier¬†about using her “cravings” in the pics…. She reminded me thank gosh!!!

As cute and as “typical” as can be, she pulled pickles and ice cream out of¬† the fridge and we grabbed these adoreable pics…

and we’ll end with this.. One of my fav’s (well they’re all my fave’s….)

I just think J will really like this one…;)

*UPDATED* a tease for the Tates…… Cleopatra Photography Weddings Fort Myers Beach and Lovers Key Photography

Hi Everyone…. I am super crazy busy, and with all the editing I have going on, I literally had to stop somewhere and “finish” this blog post…well for now atleast;)

 I am going to write so much more about their story later today so please check back!!!

If your a working mommy then you understand why my blogs are all posted after dark or at 2 a.m (either or)! lol

SO without further ado… PART 1 of this¬†2 part post… “we’ll start from¬†the beginning”, with this amazing first look (

you may remember K and J from their killer engagement shoot with me last year  I was 8 mths preggo!!!! )

and on that note…. I’ll end with one of my favs from the day…. I saw a lot and gave a lot of these yesterday…

Thank you guys for making my birthday… One I’ll never forget