*UPDATED* look who’s back! It’s baby L…. Cleopatra Photography {connections} Fort Myers family and baby photography

Hi Everyone! Goodmorning!!!!

 I hope you all have missed the babies on my blog! I know I have!!!!

Yesterday holding baby L, I just melted!!!! She was so light at just 12 lbs. and precious….

 my big guy aka puffin is seeming like he is bigger and bigger every day!!!! SOOOOO being around this little lumpkin;)… put my heart in such a warm place….. sigh….

so yesterday I headed out to see baby L and Mommy and Daddy at their place.

 It was POURING right before I got there! So we were soo happy that it cleared up and the sun even peaked its head out for us for a few amazing backlit shots!!!

Baby L…. you did amazing! hehehe, I’ll pass along the gratitude and say thanks to Mom and Dad too for being such amazing “models”, people and friends!

I love this part about my job! I get to make CONNECTIONS!!!!

When I was younger I dreamt about being an entertainer… a singer… or an actress….

Those dreams haven’t disappeared… just faded, because I love my job….

The camera is my voice… The images are my songs… and my website is the stage…

Thank you for everyone… who came out to today’s “Show” lol 😉

S and P… Thank you so much for asking me to document such an amazing time in your lives…

Stay tuned for Part 2 later today everyone!!!

 xoxox – A

my BFF and her family…. Cleopatra Photography {Connected} Fort Myers and Naples Family Photography

Ok everyone!!! here they are and here SHE is! If you know me, you know that S is my best friend…  and I love her like a sister! S you are such a sweet and kind woman, I am so proud of  all of you have become and I see so much more for you in your future.. hopefully I will always be there to laugh with you=)

To the “F” family, I am honored to have been asked to take your family portraits, love you guys!!!!!

Of course  like so many of the people I hold close to my heart, she lives 1500 miles away…. so yes I am gushing a little bit… I love this lady!!!!


Here is a sneak peek at our day at Koreshan State Park…

love this family!!!!

A & D are getting married…part 2… Cleopatra Photography {you and me} Downtown Fort Myers and Naples Engagement photography

ok everyone… so here is part two of our downtown sessions!!!

Another great night, and this time we got an amazing sunset! enjoy…

 oh btw.. how baller is the pic of them where D has his shades on?



 I ❤ Comments!!!


oh… but first I wanted to share this gem from Last night….


Now on to the new stuff



So worth the wait…. Cleopatra Photography {Maternity} Fort Myers and Naples Maternity Photographer

Wow, okay everyone here they are. This adoreable couple. The first time I met S was at her Cleopatra boudoir session.

 A friend of both of ours had recommended her to me and well as they say, “the rest is history.”

She was going to be giving the photos in an album to her hubby as a surprise. Shy at first she ended up doing amazing at her session… I cant even begin to tell you all how many times I told her she had a rockin body (because you do S!!)

I might just give that crossfit a try…  anyhow…

 When I got to their home this afternoon, I died when I saw the album, it looked great. Almost a year ago now, I had forgotten how great her session was and was looking forward to doing her maternity shoot. When we first met we talked briefly about “kids in the future”  and here we were! The future! She is 32 weeks expecting her first little one… A Girl. I am so happy they are going to become parents. I imagine they’ll make a great mom and dad.


Guys, Thank you so much for welcoming me into your home today!

I felt right at home like I was with old friends…. maybe one day we will be bbqing in the backyard with our kids playing! 


 Enjoy the photos, and I look forward to seeing that little lamb in the future for her modeling debut!

i heart comments!

xoxo – A

p.s. I literally had to stop myself from any more editing because I wanted every image there was to make an appearance on the blog!

Here’s a big peek…

I’ll start with one of, if not my favorite image of the day…

of course she kept it...


this one is for you S...


Cleopatra Photography thinks daddies are important too...;)

there's another one of him looking at her. Can you blame him? She's glowing!


Little Miss H ran this show…. Cleopatra Photography {Connections} Fort Myers Children’s Photographer

Hey Everyone!

This is a familiar family! Last year I photographed them for x-mas, and then again earlier this year for little Miss H’s first birthday.

Well little Miss H has hit that golden age of 18 months, and she is showing her true DIVA! (Like my daughter has been for the last 6 mths!)

It took a lot of persuasion but once we got her smiling the pics came out great!

 Thank you C for bringing the kids out for some more great photos and….. look! we did get some with all of them looking!!!

 Talk soon,


Enjoy your Sneak Peek




A late night sneak peak for K and L – Cleopatra Photography {Connected} Fort Myers Children and Family Photographer

Hi everybody!

and so it begins… the holiday family sessions season that is!!

I am about 3 weeks after baby and things are already picking up! I’ve got 2 weddings in the next 2 weeks, and about 4 family shoots.

 I did two back to back today.

This was actually my second shoot of the day… I promise I’m not playing favorites.

It just so happens, I pulled this memory card out first.

I actually can’t wait to get to the second set of photos done either, because they are an all time favorite family of mine! stalkers you know this family well…


This family however is a set of “long” time friends! 

 I say “long” because in Florida people you know come and go, and it seems like everyone is moving away!!!

so yeah … 3-4 years thats long….

I met K working a few years back at the same mortgage company.

 Needless to say, the industry has changed, and so have both of our professions!

I couldn’t be happier about that!=)

We reconnected after having our girls, play-dates are the best!! hahaha

A lot more than just our jobs have changed though. We both have little girls and now this family is expecting their second little lady in the spring!


I love friends with kids! I love all of you without kids too, but my little girl absolutely loves other kids. All the parents out there can relate I’m sure, when I say it’s so much easier for us to hang out, if I know she can also be entertained, and is at a fellow baby proofed house!

The fact that we will both be families of 4 with both “sets” of our kids only about 6 mths apart makes me that much happier.

 As an added bonus, this mommy grew up right down the street from me just the next town over!

We always have a blast together, and I truly appreciate her Massachusetts humor!

Here they are, and their little girl G.

Thank you guys again, for such a fun time downtown tonight!

I hope you’ll let me photograph that new little lamb when she is born!




enjoy your sneak peek


look at these eyes!


one of my absolute if not my favorite of the day...


after this photo G said... "I don't hear a baby"... smart little cookie...

Mini-Session MaNiA at Cleopatra Photography!!!

Hey everyone, check it out…

Most of you know by now I am not working in October!!

 So hurry up and get your mini session scheduled for November!

Time slots are limited!

 Call or email me Today


Whats new with Cleopatra Photography you ask???

Well, lots has been going on as far as side projects in the past year…. and without blogging each event separately, I figured I would just give everyone a quick update. These are some places you can view my commercial projects etc I have been working on…. enjoy

 to inquire about hiring Cleopatra Photography to photograph your event, business or commercial project etc you can contact me @ Ashley@cleopatraphotography.com

In no particular order:

Rasmussen Colleges first graduation (photo was featured in the news-press):


Julio Zuleta’s  Indoor Batting Cages press release ( photo appeared in florida weekly):


Julio Zuleta’s Batting Cages website:


Terry L. McCreary Law Firm’s website:


Sidney Riot Rock Bands website:


Pet Kingdoms website preview:

Magical Home Theaters Website preview:

Charisma Hair Salon:

Remodeling Project for Northern Contracting:

Congrats to Mr. and Mrs. A!!! Cleopatra Photography {i do} Fort Myers Grandezza Wedding Photography

Thank you two so much for a geat evening!!! Rain and all we had a great time. I truly appreciate you asking me to help you celebrate this special day with you and your families. Congrats, and I wish you all the best! Luv, A

Can I just say this sneak peak is huuuge….but its because I had such a hard time chosing which pics I liked more…lol


Here is your sneak peak of your day! Enjoy….

and last but not least……

Hey Hey! its what to wear day!!!!

okay, so I wanted to start today with A quick what to wear. This is going to be an accessory edition!!!! A great addition to any ensemble…. A layer!!! something to add dimension to your outfit. This could be a sweater tied around your neck for the ladies. A cardigan over a button down, or sport jackets over graphic T’s for the guys. Girls all ages look great with leggings and sweaters, and all boys rock with hoodies and layered T’s.. HATS, HATS, HATS, scarfs, scarfs, scarfs, for everyone!!!! and girls bring on the jewelery! 

…. Here is an example or two…..