In to the woods….for an engagement session – Cleopatra Photography {you & me} Boston Massachusetts Engagement Photography, Central Mass and Worcester Engagement Photography by Ashley Nardello

Hi Everyone!

Over the weekend, I had the opportunity to meet an adorable couple named Renee and Clint. When Renee contacted me she was ecstatic about her engagement and wanted to get amazing pictures to commemorate their love! They had a super cute idea too so I was excited to meet them as well….. Since their wedding was being held outdoors, they wanted to incorporate that into the session. Not only that but the trails we walked were one of the places their love began to take shape.

We also hit up their Gym to take some pictures. Also one of the places where they spent nights after work developing an amazing friendship, that clearly led to love!

I laughed so hard with Renee about the fact that, she first met Clint at work… but after learning he went to the “OLD Iron Gym” SHE used the old…

I would love to work out, I just need someone to show me what I am doing…(in so many words) wink wink….

Fast Forward to 6 or 7 years later and they have developed an amazing relationship….. These two are so excited to be getting married …

They came to their session prepared!!! Renee had two blankets and props all ready to go in her bag! ( I loved this because they were ready to go and had what they needed to be comfy and what matched their outfits right at their fingertips) Way to be prepared Renee!

So anyways, we went to this area behind the water treatment plant in the town of Wareham… Actually South of Boston closer to Plymouth Mass… but to all the out-of- town-ers… “Outside of Boston”

I had a great time with You guys Renee and Clint! We got some awesome shots!  I Can’t wait to do it again at the wedding next year you guys!

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OK everyone, Enjoy their “woods inspired” engagement shoot…

now on to the gym!

Call me…. in love with charlestown… maybe… M and R {engaged} Cleopatra Photography – Boston Massachusetts Engagement Photographer – Ashley Nardello

Call me…. in love with charlestown… maybe… M and R {engaged} Cleopatra Photography – Boston Massachusetts Engagement Photographer – Ashley Nardello

Hi Everyone!!!! Here it is… the session of the week… I absolutely love this couple! M.. I swear you crawled into my brain and stole all my witty jokes… hey! you stop it! I CAN NOT wait to shoot this … Continue reading

D and A… tie the knot!! – Cleopatra Photography – Fort Myers and Naples wedding photography

Well I hope everyone remembers this cute couple!!!! they tied the knot on 11-5-11 and had an amazing day!

The wedding had the cutest details from bircages to hand flags… and oh not to mention individual place setting with actual china and tea cups!!!!

Not one person wasn’t dancing and having a great time…. I love weddings and I love LOVE!…. I cried 3 times during this wedding! waaay too many if you ask me! lol… during the ceremony when A professed her love to her new step daughter, I. When D’s dad spoke to A and told her in a “speech” he had no note cards for…. how much he loved her and wanted her to be a part of their family and was proud to have a daughter… her as a daughter… and when D had his first dance with his little girl I.

What an amazing day and some amazing colors…  enjoy their gorgeous wedding day…

Orange Grove Engagement Session – Cleopatra Photography {You & Me} Fort Myers and Naples Themed Engagement Photography

Hi Peeps,

Ok so ready for some fun! This shoot involves a little bit of everything! Well, everything I haven’t done anyways…

For today’s shoot we went out to a friend of a friend’s orange grove, and got some amazing shots!

A little history on these two…..

they love to travel, they love photography and all things shabby chic, and not to mention… They’re getting their majors at the same time!

When planning for this shoot, my mind just went wild with all the options… but as usual, I threw the book out as soon as we got there, and went right to “work”

The first stop included hopping a fence and listening to someone pop off a few rounds in the distance… of course after ducking for cover…we went further into the property… kidding…

no bullets came our way ! Thank goodness…

So at the first location we shot at, we found a really cool John Deere tractor that looked it’s age.. and an antique old overgrown bush-filled produce truck…SO COOL.

then we ducked into the greenhouse, Loved this spot too… so many lines!

okay, now on to the fun stuff… we got to the grove not a soul in sight.. and went to work, I spent “no time” decorating and staging and we were shooting…. I had a blast and love all the range in light… it was perfect…. golden and soft

P and B, I hope you had a great time too!!

Enjoy their day….. Our day, at the grove…

Can’t wait to see you guys again! Enjoy


LOVE this next image…. these two know how to laugh!!! and loud… ❤

what an awesome lighting situation… Can you say “stupid golden light?”


A Halloween themed Wedding not a detail missed….. Cleopatra Photography {i do} Fort Myers Sydney & Berne Davis Center – Wedding Photography

omG!!!! so where to begin.. this day was soo much fun, different and full of little surprises…

Let me start by saying I had my first ever, early and on time Bride, and,  late…. Groomzilla (self proclaimed.. 😉 )

On his way the groom was pulled over ! Luckily he was let go, and made it on time for some awesome shots!

There were bystanders looking on at the blocked road, wondering what all the commotion was about…..

I had a great time, I love THEMED weddings and of course this one took the cake for creative….

from the cupcakes with dry ice to the horror flick seat table names… they did a great job at making this their day…. They didn’t just look in some wedding magazine and say “I want that….”

T, FYI is my hairdresser and one of my  long time friends, long time friend.. if that makes any sense….

I’m so glad to have met this couple and been asked to photograph such a cool wedding! what a breath of fresh air!!!

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This is definitely a two-part post… so enjoy this half for now… and I’ll see you Tomorrow

CONGRATS R and T!!! xox-A

A teaser for M and R… Cleopatra Photography {I do} Marco Island Wedding Photographer, Marco Island Marriot Hotel Wedding Photography

Hi Everyone, here is a quick peek at this lovely couple that was married today at the Marriot Hotel on Marco Island! What a beautiful place!!!

 More to come later… Just a little tease for now, Enjoy!

Here she is! Putting on the finishing touches...

"ring fun"


The dress and The stunning Bride!


Last But Not Least… To Sum up the day…

A quick teaser…. for C and S – Cleopatra Photography {I Do} Fort Myers Beach PInk Shell Wedding, and Sunset Cruise Photography

Hi Everyone,

This couple contacted me not too long ago and told me they were coming from North Carolina!!  After a date change that moved the wedding up by almost 6 mths, we wrapped up all the planning, and it was set in stone they’d be married on Septmenber 25th.

I love my destination brides, and appreciate all of the trust they put in me when traveling so far for their special day…

 We started the day off at The Pink Shell hotel on Ft. Myers beach, and then made our way over to the ceremony site at Bowditch point. WOW was it hot…

a quick bit of advice for all the future destination and local brides alike… NEVER under estimate the power of Florida heat… even in September.

Luckily, the shade helped us a lot and we were able to get some amazing shots on the beach!

 After the ceremony, we headed down to the Fort Myers Princess dock and boarded the boat for their reception… it was a small party but a lively bunch, and not a single person wasn’t smiling… well that is except for little Miss R who was scared of the boat. (by the end of the night she was dancing away and you’dve never known she spent the boarding events crying!)

 After a few shots on the dock we took off and headed out for a sunset tour.

S and C , thank you so much for inviting me to photograph your special day, and trusting in my abilities even at 37 weeks pregnant…

 I have to admit I was a little worried myself, that I might end up with me being a distraction from your event on your day…. but THANK GOSH …. everything worked out.

This will probably be my last post on the blog for a while faithful stalkers… that is until my little guy makes his appearance..

which i’m sure he will make more than one so stay tuned..

In the meantime. Enjoy a peek at S and C’s day.

caio for now… Ashley

my fav from the boat...


Pool and Pumpkins…. Cleopatra Photography {You and Me} Fort Myers Vintage Urban Engagement Photography

Hi there!!! Omgosh wow can you say hot and rainy?… why am I always bringing people out into the heat and rain for some reason these days??? oh yeah thats right…. its Florida, and it’s August that’s why!!! Tonight there was some kind of Muisc walk going on downown and it set the mood for a great vintagey type session with R and T….  Thanks again guys for a fun night and I love that fact that you didn’t mind being the center of attention! I think we got some great shots of you two and I look forward to your wedding next year!  I promise I will get your pumpkin ring shot and it”ll rock… I cant wait to see the save the dates you put together so dont forget to include me in the loop!!

Enjoy your sneak peak…

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J and A’s Engagement session… Cleopatra Photography {You and Me} Downtown Fort Myers Modern Engagement Photography

What a cute couple these two are huh?? They met me downtown bright and early this a.m., and drove all the way from the east coast!!

 I was worried for a minute that it was gona be a washout, but we got lucky and as soon as I saw them pulling up, it started to clear up…just in time too because its pouring again! We whisked around the blocks and managed to grab some great shots! Thank you guys for agreeing to meet so early, and I wish you all the best of luck in the near future! Hope to see you again soon!

Enjoy your sneak peek!

What a beautiful bride Ms. A is going to make huh?

look at this vogue pose... Love. It.

Mrs. “L” and Mr. “D”…… engaged…… Cleopatra Photography {You & Me} Downtown Fort Myers Urban Engagement Photography

Thank you two so much for such a fun evening downtown!!!

 I wanna re take the pool table and some of the “sunset” shots because they came out too dark, but we can do that when you guys are downtown at the hotel if you want!!

I hope you love them, let me know what you think about the editing so far….. enjoy your sneak peak.