and the award for the most appearances on my blog goes to… I and L! Cleopatra Photography {Connected} Fort Myers Family and Childrens photographer

Hello stalkers and newbies alike!

If you’ve been following for a while, you are definitely familiar with these two!  I first met their mommy J in Walgreens when I was portfolio building almost 2 years ago. Since then we have done quite a few sessions and I look forward to them every time!! They have grown so much and are following direction now which makes their sets of images just that much better!! And I am noticing more and more personality with every session! They even had different hairdo’s this time around which I thought were just to die for!

Their mommy is a yoga instructor so email me if you are interested in getting hooked up with her for some lessons or classes! Daddy is an…. hmmm….. well I can’t remember the name of  what he does but he gives epidurals…. yikes! I’m sure a fan of the result but can’t imagine administering them!!!


Anyhow enjoy the many faces of I AND L.

I love twins!

Thanks again guys for squeezing into my available time slot yesterday! I had fun running around with you 4 and I look forward to it again in the future!

Oh and Happy 3rd birthday girls!

Enjoy your sneak peek!

We’ll start off with my favorite from the day….

to die for right???


the "shy" girl....




the many faces of this little miss cracked me up....


just adoreable.....

last but not least….

the whole gang...

chocolate kissed…. by Cleopatra Photography

Here is one of my favorites from this session this past weekend. It’s a new Chocolate action I have been playing with, that I am quickly falling in love with….


baby blues… Cleopatra Photography { Loved Ones }

Today, I had the pleasure of photographing the “W” family downtown! What a bunch of cuties. I absolutely loved the outfits, and the kids did great for being almost 2! us mommies know what fun that age is….

 These two weren’t interested in any props….. That is except for the “baby” and her stroller!!!! too cute …….

Here are a few from their Loved Ones Cleopatra Session…  Meet Little Mr. B, and Ms. A yes, another set of twins!

… Macy’s catalog eat your heart out!

Here’s the “W” family sneak peak. Thanks again guys for a great time, Enjoy!



Zuleta’s Batting Cages Fort Myers, Fl

Zuleta'sHey there everyone, go check out to see some of the recent commercial work I have done! And go check out the cages they’re awesome!!! Located behind Stevie Tomato’s on 41

Have your MVP birthday Party at Zuletas and add the optional photography coverage to capture those laughs!!

This little old man…. Cleopatra Photography {children}

Little Mr. J…. Can I just say he is the cutest!!!! What a HAM!!! Can’t wait to do part 2 of his session!!! stay tuned for more…

about a boy

about a boy