The S family and their vision… Cleopatra Photography – Marlboro, Mass Family Photography Fort Myers family photography

WHATS UP People!!??? I am so busy but here I am with another blog post for you.

I have known the S family since I was about 13 or 14 years old. I always knew C was a star!!!! and her family didn’t disappoint either~ =)


This was my first time meeting her little niece who is just a few days older than my little lady!!!



Just a little tad-bit of insider news on this amazing family…..

Mr. and Mrs. S are writing a book about their struggles and overcoming the obstacles they faced being the parents of a deaf child. L, little R’s daddy… also pictured in the images.

Funny the way things work out… you see… little R is hearing… even though both of her parents aren’t…. amazing….

I can’t wait to be a part of this family network, I feel honored to have been asked!!!


I wish you all the best of luck S family in all your endeavors!

Enjoy your sneak peek of images




Miss A .. a multi-talented.future model… if she wants to be;) … Cleopatra Photography – Marlboro, Mass. Urban, unique photography

Hi Everyone! Ok sooo here I am with the first of many sneak peeks to come!!! I can not wait until I get the whole gallery edited … BUT, I can only edit so much and sleep so little 😉

So let’s get this kicked off with miss A !! oh my goodness can you say beautiful!!!??? I’ve know A’s mom for yeeaars and its crazy to see how we have all grown up and her “little baby girl” is now a teenager!!!! I feel OLD!!!! ugh… anywhooo…. Shy at first, this one finally broke out of her shell and gave me some great looks!

Enjoy a few …

Miss A and her mommy and Yia Yia… 3 beautiful women. Kind, genuine and good-natured. These are some of the reasons I miss home…

Sorry I missed the party guys:(

I hope everyone is excited and sent a link to the website!!!


If your interested in booking a session with Cleopatra Photography, contact me at

The newly-wed Mrs. T {ROCKS the DRESS} Cleopatra Photography – Fort Myers and Naples bridal photography Fort Myers and Naples “trash the dress” photography

Hello Hello!!!!

So can I just say I feel all out of sorts today because my sidekick is without a phone!!!! anywho…

Today I met with K to do her “Rock the dress” session…. originally we were calling these Trash the dress sessions…. but I don’t really think that describes what I do… or what this type of session really stands for…

In my mind, a Rock the dress session is all about showing off how amazing you look in that GOWN!!!

You spent less than a full day in it and its going to sit in a closet until you pass it on to your daughter…. I know…. I understand….

BUT before you send it off to the cleaners…


if your not exactly sure what I mean… you’ll know by the end of this post! 😉

So anyhow, I picked up K bright and early and we headed to the first spot… a field…

a crappy… cruddy… abandoned… “lot” if you will….

 When I saw it, I said… oh this is soooo perfect… and “dark” and even though I have never seen ANY of the twilight movies or the Harry Potter series for that matter…

I said… Ooooh thats so “twilight-ey” and perfect for her dress…

So we were off… Can I just say this girl knows how to WORK the camera!!!

it doesn’t take much direction from me to pull amazing images out of her! …. SOOO greatful for this lady!

Quick side note: I once had someone tell me…

“I would never do that in real life” referring to the way I was asking her to stand….

I asked her if she’d seen my website?

Her response,



“Then trust me.”

So after a quick run into Downtown Fort Myers we ran to our second location…

a “TOP SECRET” exclusive spot ladies and gents!

ask me how… I’ll make your photos stand out too;)

On to the premier of

ROCK the DRESS by Cleopatra Photography

then on to location #2

This actually drove by… and I said.. Oh wouldnt it be cool if we could use that! and low and behold.. It parked and wahllla!

and last but certainly not least!

Location # 3

The roof

Crossfit Salvation… what’s a snatch anyways? – Cleopatra Photography – Fort Myers, Cape Coral, and Naples Crossfit Box Photography

Hey everyone!

SOOO, while I have been on my back, I’ve hardly had any time to edit… and when I do… its very little at a time! So bear with me everyone…

 Here are the pics I took for one of the local Crossfit Boxes in Cape Coral. Crossfit Salvation… ENJOY!

Contact me today to get your “box” photographed at 

my BFF and her family…. Cleopatra Photography {Connected} Fort Myers and Naples Family Photography

Ok everyone!!! here they are and here SHE is! If you know me, you know that S is my best friend…  and I love her like a sister! S you are such a sweet and kind woman, I am so proud of  all of you have become and I see so much more for you in your future.. hopefully I will always be there to laugh with you=)

To the “F” family, I am honored to have been asked to take your family portraits, love you guys!!!!!

Of course  like so many of the people I hold close to my heart, she lives 1500 miles away…. so yes I am gushing a little bit… I love this lady!!!!


Here is a sneak peek at our day at Koreshan State Park…

love this family!!!!

An * Updated* teaser for A and T…. Cleopatra Photography {you and me} Fort Myers, Fort Myers Beach and Naples Engagement photographer

Hi Everyone!!! Wheew!!! Ok so today has been crazy! two sessions and a week full of “my new diet” grocery shopping later… here I am with tonights blog post!

I feel like I am losing my voice too???!!! How’d that happen? I know I did alot of laughing today but man!

okay anyways… These two are adorable!!! There is nothing I enjoy more than 2 things… 1. A well dressed couple!! Very trendy and chic! and 2. people who actually love each other!!!! hahahah I love PUPPY Love 😉

SO… He is going away for a continued tour overseas on V day of all days so what a great way to celebrate before he leaves.

Wish I could join you too in DR on your wedding day but I know you’ll have a drink for me*

Thank you so much for a fun afternoon… hahaha our trolley ride with Wayne we will not soon forget, and sorry I never bought you that drink A, next time…. lol

oh btw WAYNE… we couldn’t understand a word you said……but thanks for the ride and not abducting us=)

Enjoy this fun set! a HUUGE Blog because I couldn’t narrow them down to any less photos!!!

YES, I made you scroll all the way down for the update=) and here it is… a little recap of their day…

A teaser for M and A – Cleopatra Photography {You & Me} Naples 5th Ave Engagement Photography, Naples 3rd Ave South Photography

Hello and Good Evening!!


Oh my goodness, can I just say I had a veery busy day today, and to top it all off, I get home to a little guy who refused to let mommy work!

 So here we are getting the teaser up at 11pm! I started this at 8! Anywho… he’s fast asleep now hopefully for the night!

Today I met M and A in Naples, for a {You and Me} Engagement Session!

 I LOVE THESE!~ They have to be my all-time favorite sessions to do because you really get a chance to know the couple and become friends before their wedding day.

Usually any couple who has shot an engagement session with me prior to their wedding knows what they’re in for and feels like they’re meeting up with an old friend not a stranger so there is no ice to be broken ya know …

I don’t get “those shots” by myself… it does take a little bit of “work”  (if you considering being in love and PDA’s work lol)

 You would think engaged couples or a bride and groom on their big day wouldn’t mind a kiss in public, or holding hands right???

Let me tell you ladies and gentlemen, I have seen MANY couples that are IN LOVE, that certainly don’t feel it to me.

 This couple however, not the case at all!!!

I love people that are all smiles and like to laugh, as well as mix in the serious stuff…


M and A,

 Thank you again for a great afternoon… hey that other place just missed out on having great photos they could’ve added to their website… that may have helped them book business in the future! but anywwwwaaays….lol


I am really glad to have met you two, and thank you so much for having a blast today!

I look forward to your wedding at The Edison Home in November! Stalkees, check back… I know you want to 😉


i ❤ Comments

OH! P.S. Check out the heels!!! Killer right? (and sadly, oh so painful)


A teaser for M and R… Cleopatra Photography {I do} Marco Island Wedding Photographer, Marco Island Marriot Hotel Wedding Photography

Hi Everyone, here is a quick peek at this lovely couple that was married today at the Marriot Hotel on Marco Island! What a beautiful place!!!

 More to come later… Just a little tease for now, Enjoy!

Here she is! Putting on the finishing touches...

"ring fun"


The dress and The stunning Bride!


Last But Not Least… To Sum up the day…

and the award for the most appearances on my blog goes to… I and L! Cleopatra Photography {Connected} Fort Myers Family and Childrens photographer

Hello stalkers and newbies alike!

If you’ve been following for a while, you are definitely familiar with these two!  I first met their mommy J in Walgreens when I was portfolio building almost 2 years ago. Since then we have done quite a few sessions and I look forward to them every time!! They have grown so much and are following direction now which makes their sets of images just that much better!! And I am noticing more and more personality with every session! They even had different hairdo’s this time around which I thought were just to die for!

Their mommy is a yoga instructor so email me if you are interested in getting hooked up with her for some lessons or classes! Daddy is an…. hmmm….. well I can’t remember the name of  what he does but he gives epidurals…. yikes! I’m sure a fan of the result but can’t imagine administering them!!!


Anyhow enjoy the many faces of I AND L.

I love twins!

Thanks again guys for squeezing into my available time slot yesterday! I had fun running around with you 4 and I look forward to it again in the future!

Oh and Happy 3rd birthday girls!

Enjoy your sneak peek!

We’ll start off with my favorite from the day….

to die for right???


the "shy" girl....




the many faces of this little miss cracked me up....


just adoreable.....

last but not least….

the whole gang...

My little girls BFF…. Cleopatra Photography {Little Ones} Fort Myers Children’s photographer

Hi Everyone! Here she is…

Miss “S” You may have seen her on the blog before with pic of my little “S”!

They are officially best buds… lol.. As moms me and her mommy joke about the trouble they will get into at 16.

I have actually know her mommy and daddy for a few years now but only recently reconnected after a mishap run-in at an event I was shooting (her hubby happened to be playing at with his band DVS plug plug!) I am so happy we were able to get reconnected because my little girl absolutely loves this little lamb! I can’t wait until her mommy has her little boy due in December!

Then it will be our two girls and our two boys! We joke about having to order a table for 8.

 I can hardly believe my little guy is here already!

Anyhow, here are a few sneak peek pics for you all to enjoy!

Keep your eyes open for her baby brother soon!

Hopefully mommy will let me photograph him when he’s brand new!


last but not least the BFF's ❤