A and K tied the knot… and I was a guest!!!!! Cleopatra Photography – Rhode Island Wedding photography

Hi Everyone!!!! Ok sooo, this is a special event to me because I’ve known the groom for 10 years…

He was the first person my husband introduced me to from his world, (and fittingly my husband was the best man standing proudly next to A)

I tell people the story all the time about the first time I met A, and how he danced around with a plastic ice cream cone top on his head for 15 minutes….

(from a kids piggy bank…. you know the big kind, with the sugar cone bottom, swirled “ice cream” top, complete with the slit for the coins…)

Anyhow I thought two things…omgosh he is hilarious, and what would a chick see in this guy?? hahaha but over time I soon realized why he was Chris’ friend…  he was funny, loyal, smart as all hell, and an all around great guy.

When we met K for the first time… I remember riding home from Naples and saying to Chris… I like her A LOT!!! I wonder if they’ll get married….?

Well they waited and waited… j/k… then A stood at our wedding in April of 2007, and then boom… 2 years and 2 kids of our own later… we found out A had popped the ?

So How excited was I??? when I got to be a guest!!!!

We almost didn’t make this trip… (thank you K for making it happen… )

The wedding was gorgeous, decorated beautifully and the food was amazing!!!  I met some amazing people, danced with my love for the first time in a long time.. and reunited with two amazing people and friends.. A and K.. thank you so much for allowing me behind the scenes….

Enjoy your..  NOT working the wedding.. candido’s as I call them… oh and a few detail/miscellaneous shots too…

To see more of their photos check out the amazing Jamison Wexler at www.jamisonwexler.com Thank you Jamie for allowing me to “second shoot” this one:)

We’ll start with the groom!!! Since that’s where I was the majority of the “getting ready” time

yes ladies… she got him a rolex… classic time-piece

there was a moment when I saw the bride and groom rushing away to this room before their entrance, hehehe sneaky little me… caught them in the middle of “practice”  😉

13 year old “V” sang her heart out… shocking everyone at the party! so adoreable and a special treat…

and last… a fun one of the bride at the end of the night!!!

If immitation is the sincerest form of flattery… Copy this…. Cleopatra Photography {ROCK the DRESS} Fort Myers and Fort Myers Beach Bridal Photography

Hi Everyone!!! SO…. here I am with the latest and greatest from the one and only beautiful K!!!

If you’re wondering why this post is titled what it is…  I’m just going to throw it right out there…. recently in browsing my competitions blogs etc… I started noticing a trend….

Yes, we all use the same locations… but I am me and they are them…

To all of my loyal clients and friends… You all know how much this disturbed me at first… but in the end… I am an artist…

 people emulate what they love right?

The title wasnt meant to be cocky… just making a point… If your going to outright copy me, have a little more couth and at least don’t post my exact same shots on your blog!

OK rant over!!! SOOOOO today was amazing! It even exceeded my expectations!

This chick is a straight up TROOPER! Getting some of these shots included running through the rain (dress hiked up and umbrella in hand!)

We were the hottest thing to happen in EVER at the Washabout Laundry mat in North Fort Myers!!!

Look for this girl in VOGUE on day my friends…

she’s got “IT”

K, as usual… you rocked my lense! Thank you so much for an amazing time…


xoxo – A


Right before K got in the water…. these little girls ran up and were wondering why she was “so crazy” for putting her gorgeous dress in the ocean…. hilarious…

One day they’ll understand, or maybe they wont! hahaha

and last shot of the night….

The newly-wed Mrs. T {ROCKS the DRESS} Cleopatra Photography – Fort Myers and Naples bridal photography Fort Myers and Naples “trash the dress” photography

Hello Hello!!!!

So can I just say I feel all out of sorts today because my sidekick is without a phone!!!! anywho…

Today I met with K to do her “Rock the dress” session…. originally we were calling these Trash the dress sessions…. but I don’t really think that describes what I do… or what this type of session really stands for…

In my mind, a Rock the dress session is all about showing off how amazing you look in that GOWN!!!

You spent less than a full day in it and its going to sit in a closet until you pass it on to your daughter…. I know…. I understand….

BUT before you send it off to the cleaners…


if your not exactly sure what I mean… you’ll know by the end of this post! 😉

So anyhow, I picked up K bright and early and we headed to the first spot… a field…

a crappy… cruddy… abandoned… “lot” if you will….

 When I saw it, I said… oh this is soooo perfect… and “dark” and even though I have never seen ANY of the twilight movies or the Harry Potter series for that matter…

I said… Ooooh thats so “twilight-ey” and perfect for her dress…

So we were off… Can I just say this girl knows how to WORK the camera!!!

it doesn’t take much direction from me to pull amazing images out of her! …. SOOO greatful for this lady!

Quick side note: I once had someone tell me…

“I would never do that in real life” referring to the way I was asking her to stand….

I asked her if she’d seen my website?

Her response,



“Then trust me.”

So after a quick run into Downtown Fort Myers we ran to our second location…

a “TOP SECRET” exclusive spot ladies and gents!

ask me how… I’ll make your photos stand out too;)

On to the premier of

ROCK the DRESS by Cleopatra Photography

then on to location #2

This actually drove by… and I said.. Oh wouldnt it be cool if we could use that! and low and behold.. It parked and wahllla!

and last but certainly not least!

Location # 3

The roof

Fort Myers “Mob Wives” and some hunky husbands…. help celebrate 25 years of bliss… Cleopatra Photography – Fort Myers and Cape Coral Event Photography

Ok everyone….just a quick tease for now…. More… Much more later….

oh and if you were wondering why this post is titled, “Mob wives” because that was the first thing I thought when I saw this shot…. I told the ladies to look “fierce” in my best Tyra impersonation

okay….. now here is the whole group

The adoreable grand-babies!!!

The handsome other halfs of the lovely ladies up top….

A little taste of the afterparty surprise!

One more of the DIVAS…looking Oh so Kardashian here….;)

and last but certainly not least….

The whole family again…. with “SWAG”

Hurricane Tate… Part 2 of a tease for the tates….. Cleopatra Photography Lovers Key wedding photography

Hi Everyone!!! Ok here I am with part two of this cute couples post!

Ok so to set the tone for everyone… It was a gorgeous and hot sunny Florida day when I first met up with K and J at their Hotel….. We got some awesome shots and literally stopped traffic to take their First Look shots…. which by far were the most fun and amazing first look pics I’ve ever done! (After their first look their audience cheered and horns honked it was amazing….)

K and J Thank you so much for trusting me and allowing me to push this to the limit!!!

and hey after all… we did pull off a first look in the middle of traffic filled streets that totally rocked….so why not right?

So as the day progressed I watched the sky get more grey and darker….

Those of you who aren’t from Florida probably don’t understand what its like when it rains on the beach….

Can you say Typhoon???!!!!!

So After about an hour and a half on the beach… and luckily after the ceremony… the rain came… and she came with avengence!

Of course having to get my equipment out of the weather, and most importantly sand storm!

I left the event while everything was moved inside and ran home to post a quick blog…


Right before the rain came…. I said to K and J …lets go back out on the beach and take just a couple more shots before it rains…. just incase….(even though I knew the rain was definately coming, and fast!!!!)

In that 10 minutes…. we managed to grab some of my favorite shots from the entire day…

Anyways… enjoy part two!


Absolutely Loved this shot from the first look….. check out her amazing dress and all the detail!

These two are so much fun!!! The entire day was filled with moments like this….

and this….

and this….

I usually don’t feature “formals” but I liked this set! A LOT….;) so I share

a little look at the reception before “Hurricane Tate” rolled onto shore….

Got my Ray bans on and I’m feelin hella cool toniiighhht…yeeeaaaahhh

I saw the clouds rolling in…. brought them back on the beach, and this is when the magic happened…..

one more ring shot because I said so… and because I love this custom ring…

One from a really touching moment during a speech by the brides best man!

and last but not least… one more from ” the dream sequence” as named by my husband….;)

downnnn,set….get engagement pictures! Cleopatra Photography {You & Me} – Cleopatra Photography – Fort Myers Beach engagement and wedding photography

Hi everyone!!!! If your here for the first time in a while…. take a peek at the wedding below this post! Mother Nature had her way with the day… but not before those images… sooooo I WIN!

Anyhow, I am super excited to post this blog… This cute couple was referred to me by a previous You & Me couple… A and T!

Can I just say… ladies, Please take these ladies advice and spice it up! the outfits were killer! I absolutely LOVED the pink dress M!!

I love couples like these two, because they were ready to have fun and ready to cuddle from the moment I said go!…. they made their time with me count and definitely killed it!

M and D, Thank you so much for asking me to capture these important moments in the beginning of what will surely be an amazing union.

I wish you all the best and would love to see you in the future!

Enjoy your sneak peek.

love this action shot!

ok…. time to get serious… and an outfit change!….. loved the pink ensemble!

Can you say Fierce….?

a little more fun!

and the last number was just amazing for under the pier….. LOVE . these. images.

and last but certainly not least….

*UPDATED* a tease for the Tates…… Cleopatra Photography Weddings Fort Myers Beach and Lovers Key Photography

Hi Everyone…. I am super crazy busy, and with all the editing I have going on, I literally had to stop somewhere and “finish” this blog post…well for now atleast;)

 I am going to write so much more about their story later today so please check back!!!

If your a working mommy then you understand why my blogs are all posted after dark or at 2 a.m (either or)! lol

SO without further ado… PART 1 of this 2 part post… “we’ll start from the beginning”, with this amazing first look (

you may remember K and J from their killer engagement shoot with me last year  I was 8 mths preggo!!!! )

and on that note…. I’ll end with one of my favs from the day…. I saw a lot and gave a lot of these yesterday…

Thank you guys for making my birthday… One I’ll never forget

A & D are getting married…part 2… Cleopatra Photography {you and me} Downtown Fort Myers and Naples Engagement photography

ok everyone… so here is part two of our downtown sessions!!!

Another great night, and this time we got an amazing sunset! enjoy…

 oh btw.. how baller is the pic of them where D has his shades on?



 I ❤ Comments!!!


oh… but first I wanted to share this gem from Last night….


Now on to the new stuff



*UPDATED* A and D Got Engaged!!!! Cleopatra Photography {you and me} Fort Myers and Naples Engagement photographer

three posts in one day… can you say BUSY!

but here we gooooooooo!!!!!

Ok, so tonight I met with A and D. I’ve know them for quite a while now actually! 

 A is my sister-in-laws best friend, and was even at my wedding!!!

These two are a riot… It never gets old to hear couples in love laugh… here is part one of their 2 part session in Downtown


xoxo, A







Click the pic below for fun….