Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!! From Cleopatra Photography 2011….

Wow what a day… I have been crazy busy, so sorry this is just getting up now,

Today, was a great day. There isn’t anything better in the world than looking down at my two kids covered in toys… enjoying their innocent christmas morning. Forgetting about everything in the world to just have fun.

We all need that. Fun. We also need love, we need friends and we need our families…

After losing someone really close to me this month, that has really begun to sink in… more  than ever… we all say it, but you never think it will happen to someone you know… tragedy that is…

I will hug my kids tighter, I will never leave without giving my husband a hug and kiss, and each goodbye will last that much longer.

I miss everyone that’s far away today terribly…

I’m lucky I have these smiles…. they make me feel like I’m “home” no matter where my head rests.

Enjoy my babies xmas pictures…

Merry Christmas Everyone…


My Bunnies, the Bunny, and the baby ducks! Cleopatra Photography {Cleopatra’s Heart}

ok everyone!!! here are my little bunnies first set of spring pics!  VERY hard to get everyone to sit still… in a couple years I imagine they’ll sit much better…

oh p.s. Thank you to my friends over at Pet Kingdom for “Raymond” and “Skeeter and Scooter”

Enjoy some pics  of my family! Love these luvbunnies…

My little girls BFF…. Cleopatra Photography {Little Ones} Fort Myers Children’s photographer

Hi Everyone! Here she is…

Miss “S” You may have seen her on the blog before with pic of my little “S”!

They are officially best buds… lol.. As moms me and her mommy joke about the trouble they will get into at 16.

I have actually know her mommy and daddy for a few years now but only recently reconnected after a mishap run-in at an event I was shooting (her hubby happened to be playing at with his band DVS plug plug!) I am so happy we were able to get reconnected because my little girl absolutely loves this little lamb! I can’t wait until her mommy has her little boy due in December!

Then it will be our two girls and our two boys! We joke about having to order a table for 8.

 I can hardly believe my little guy is here already!

Anyhow, here are a few sneak peek pics for you all to enjoy!

Keep your eyes open for her baby brother soon!

Hopefully mommy will let me photograph him when he’s brand new!


last but not least the BFF's ❤

Xmas morning with the Nardello’s….

So here is a peak at my christmas morning…. these are all just snaps of the lady that me and my hubby took…. Its funny becasue she had no idea what she was waking up to… we were more excited I think!!!  Enjoy, Love, Us….