It’s Prom Season, and Cleopatra Photography is running a special! Cleopatra Photography – Fort Myers and Estero Prom Photography!

Hi There High School seniors!!!

Want to get some amazing pictures taken of you and your friends before prom??

Look no further!!!

Contact Cleopatra Photography and ask for details about a mini-session package!! It includes 8 wallets, 2 5 x 7 prints and and 8 x 10.

All for ONLY $50.00 per couple!!!!!

I’ll even email you proofs to use on your facebook pages!!!!

I’m also looking for juniors to be senior reps  at the local high schools that will get a FREE SESSION!!!!

check out my website and go to rockstars to see some examples!! or contact me directly at 239-826-4539

or you can always email me!!!!

Miss Oregon…. back in Florida! Cleopatra Photography {Rockstars}

Hello Everyone…. this young miss is on vacation from you guessed it, Oregon!

Originally from Florida she’s back for a vacation with her fam, and this self-professed  beach girl wanted to let people know her pics weren’t taken at and were much different than the average…local park back home senior pics… So that’s what I tried to achieve with her today!

She rocked it!!!

 She was a natural poser, and I absolutely loved her eyes! Future Cleopatra Photography Rockstars, take some advice from this girl and relax and just be you!

 C and family! Thank you so much for a great time this afternoon!

I enjoyed walking around the beach with you! I hope you enjoy your trip and I hope to see you all again

… maybe for a family session in the future????

Enjoy your teaser!





A teaser for Mr. “K”…. Cleopatra Photography {Rockstars}

Tonight was a great night for photos!!

…after a few weeks of scorching eves, I was worried we’d be dying outside! Luckily we got dealt a nice night with a light breeze that helped a lot too…

This guy, (if you can’t tell) is all model! I worked to get a few smiles from him… but the serious look was really working for him.

He has a super sofisticated look about him that screams “make me into a model” Ashley! lol….  I loved when he put on the tie with the pink and the blue and black shirt… After a quick “lesson” on how to roll up sleeves I grabbed a few amazing photos… The lighting at the museum on the train was bananas!  LOVED IT…

I love that “good light” and was in heaven when I saw those images…

So K, H  and Family…. Enjoy your teaser…

P.S.  to all of my female rockstars, hands off…. this guy is taken… 😉