Baby L… is finally here… early. Cleopatra Photography {Newborns} Fort Myers and Naples Newborn and Maternity Photography

Hello Hello everyone!! Today I had the pleasure of photographing a newborn little girl!! who is here a little early and weighs just over 5 lbs…soooo tiny!!!!

So Mommy and Daddy… enjoy a  tiny sneak peel of your tiny Gem…

Everyone else, check back soon because we are going to finish her session next week… I can’t wait!!!

Until then… here she is Baby L… a long over due and desired little bundle…

So worth the wait…. Cleopatra Photography {Maternity} Fort Myers and Naples Maternity Photographer

Wow, okay everyone here they are. This adoreable couple. The first time I met S was at her Cleopatra boudoir session.

 A friend of both of ours had recommended her to me and well as they say, “the rest is history.”

She was going to be giving the photos in an album to her hubby as a surprise. Shy at first she ended up doing amazing at her session… I cant even begin to tell you all how many times I told her she had a rockin body (because you do S!!)

I might just give that crossfit a try…  anyhow…

 When I got to their home this afternoon, I died when I saw the album, it looked great. Almost a year ago now, I had forgotten how great her session was and was looking forward to doing her maternity shoot. When we first met we talked briefly about “kids in the future”  and here we were! The future! She is 32 weeks expecting her first little one… A Girl. I am so happy they are going to become parents. I imagine they’ll make a great mom and dad.


Guys, Thank you so much for welcoming me into your home today!

I felt right at home like I was with old friends…. maybe one day we will be bbqing in the backyard with our kids playing! 


 Enjoy the photos, and I look forward to seeing that little lamb in the future for her modeling debut!

i heart comments!

xoxo – A

p.s. I literally had to stop myself from any more editing because I wanted every image there was to make an appearance on the blog!

Here’s a big peek…

I’ll start with one of, if not my favorite image of the day…

of course she kept it...


this one is for you S...


Cleopatra Photography thinks daddies are important too...;)

there's another one of him looking at her. Can you blame him? She's glowing!


Hello and welcome baby R into the world… Cleopatra Photography {newborns} Fort Myers Maternity and Newborn photographer

Hello Everyone!

Welcome little Miss R into the world!

She is soo tiny! My little guy is already close to 10lbs!!

This little one weighing in at just over 6lbs when she was born, makes me realize just how fast time flies, and these babies grow!

I arrived at the perfect time for little miss R today! She was knocked out just had a very tiring bath and had a full tummy! Off I went shooting away! It took a little patience but I got “the shot” with the baby resting her hands… well you’ll see… When I nailed this pose mommy said Oh my gosh I’m gonna cry!! I absolutely love moments like that!! So raw and real and every little bit of a mothers love is evident at that point.. that just one look at your baby can move you to tears….

Thank you so much B family! See you soon for Part 2…

for now enjoy your mini-sneak peek!

and Last but certainly not least…” The Shot”

My Little “Muffin Man” Cleopatra Photograpy – Fort Myers Newborn Photography

Hello Everyone!!

So here I am, back in full effect!

To all my faithful stalkers, I will have  much more for you to see in the next few weeks as my holiday sessions start kicking in!!!

To book your holiday session with me email me at

I am offering mini-session specials that include cards for only $120.00!!


Anyhow, for those of you who don’t know me…. I took a well deserved break for the best reason ever…

My husband, daughter and I, welcomed a new addition into our family…

Our baby boy! Baby G…


I know I am biased but he is amazing! So precious in every way, looks just like his daddy and has the cutest chin and lips ever!!! 

 Going back in time for a minute…when I found out he was a boy, I felt so complete and happy at that moment. I felt so overwhelmed then only to have that feeling surpassed (in addition to my wedding day and the day my daughter was born) by the moment I saw his face.


I am one of those women that is lucky enough to have easy deliveries and I feel great afterward… 

my labor was about 6 hours long (front to back) and If I do say so myself, I handled it like a pro …hehehe


When I first saw his face, I was overcome with joy and love. For all the mommies out there you know what feeling I am talking about. 

Looking into the eyes of your creation and feeling that immediate bond. Something that is stronger than anything in the world, and everlasting… is so powerful! 

My hubby looked at me and said he is perfect and he was… he cried, I cried and my hubby well his eyes watered.


So without futher delay, here he is world…

my little muffin man,

keep your eyes peeled…. he will be making many more appearnces in the future…=)


Little Miss Baby E….. Cleopatra Photography {Newborns}

Hi everyone, can we say hello to lil miss “E”…. she is just a precious little doll… I can hardy remember when my little lady was this small…. its amazing holding something so tiny, and so light in weight! After fighting, and fighting and more fighting, with this little lady…. I finally managed to get a few images of her with her eyes closed. Let me tell you, for being 7 days old.. this little lady was so curious and just as alert as ever!
I am super proud of the images that we ended up with…even tho this will end up being a two part session… Thank you for your patience mommy “S”…
and I hope you don’t think I tortured her too badly trying to get her on her tummy!
“S” Doesn’t she look like R in the 3rd pic down with the hat?
(which never happened for my followers…)
See you for round two in a few days!!

Then and Now…. all grown up…. well kindof..Cleopatra Photography {Connections}

Well here she is!!!! Big girl she has become…. I remember the first time I saw this little one she 7 days old.

Look at her now! Precious thing.

I hope she has an amazing first birthday!

Thanks again for a great time at the park!

I’m so glad we were able to avoid the rain (for that hour…lol)

Look at how they grow!!!!