baby Z…. Cleopatra Photography {Newborns} Fort Myers and Naples Organic Newborn Photography

Hi-oooo everyone! Can we say babies everywhere!!!!????

Enjoy another sneak peek of a precious little lady… what gorgeous lips!!!!

You may remmeber her mommy and daddy from their maternity session… you can check the pics out here!!

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enjoy your images S and J, she is sooo sweet!

xoxoxo- A

identical…. or not? Cleopatra Photography {Newborns} Punta Gorda Twin Newborn Photography

Hi everyone!!! So if your not new here you know Ive had plenty of photosessions with twins!!!! If you are new here.. enjoy this adoreable set of Newborn girls!!! S and S … beautiful and soo petite!


At all of 9lbs total these two were adoreable… and sleepy.. just not at the same time!!!!


I hope to see you again soon for part two mommy and daddy!


It was great to meet all of your family and I hope you have an opportunity to rest!!!


Enjoy your teaser… welcome to the world these little and I mean little ( one was only 4lbs 8 oz!!!) ladies…






a horse walks into a bar…. Cleopatra Photography – Lakes Park Maternity Photography Fort Myers Florida

Hey hey, so ,,, her is a little peak at someone in “my life” … My sister in law…

Shes having a baby and here she is!!! oh and E too…. I didnt forget about you!!!

I’ll write more tomorrow so for now… I will leave you with part 1 of 2 ….

(and if you don’t know the joke you live under a rock but thats ok….the bartender says… why the long face???? )

Enjoy A and E!!!


xoxox- A





one more of this little “P”ea…. How could I resist?!? – Cleopatra Photography – Marlboro Mass Newborn Photography

ok so… here I am about to post a completely un-related blog and had to stop for a second because I saw this…… while editing every once in a while, I come across an image I just HAVVVEEE to post….

here is one of those that grabs your heart and make you go awwwww…

get ready to melt…







Finally… another little man…. Cleopatra Photography Fort Myers and Naples Newborn Phootgraphy

Hi Everyone… as you can see its way late… way past my “bed time” … tomorrow is my angel’s special day… so no long post tonight!


Thank you so much A and J and Mee-maw to allow me to come into your home and photograph such a special moment with you!!! We pushed as usual and got some amazing shots!!!


enjoy a few…







This little lady is a diva in the making… just check out her heels ….. Cleopatra Photography – Fort Myers Creative Maternity and Newborn Photography

Hi Everyone!!! So I have been away from the blog for a little while but I’m back and ready to blog away… sooo here we are with Today’s session. I’m not going to write much tonight because I know mommy and daddy are patiently waiting to see these!!!!!

Thank you so Much S and J, for allowing me to be a part of such a special moment in your lives!

Once again, a very long sneak peek… but who can blame me… you’ll see…

Enjoy your images


As I was headed out the door… I had forgotten I’d mentioned something to S earlier about using her “cravings” in the pics…. She reminded me thank gosh!!!

As cute and as “typical” as can be, she pulled pickles and ice cream out of  the fridge and we grabbed these adoreable pics…

and we’ll end with this.. One of my fav’s (well they’re all my fave’s….)

I just think J will really like this one…;)

*Updated* Someone has a new baby sister… Cleopatra Photography {Newborns} Fort Myers, Estero, and Naples Newborn Photography

If your back for part two…. there’s a small taste at the bottom of the post 😉


Hi Everyone!!! Here she is… baby J!!!

 This is just a quick sneak peek from part one of our session!! I look forward to part two in a couple days!


Mommy L and Daddy K! Thank you so much for having me share in this special moment for you and your family! Talk soon


Enjoy your teaser…


The Proud Big Sister!

with a little trust and a little Cleo Photo… we get images like these mommies

Lastly…. heres J’s Version of “The pink bow “shot…. special request by mommy and daddy=)

Baby L… is finally here… early. Cleopatra Photography {Newborns} Fort Myers and Naples Newborn and Maternity Photography

Hello Hello everyone!! Today I had the pleasure of photographing a newborn little girl!! who is here a little early and weighs just over 5 lbs…soooo tiny!!!!

So Mommy and Daddy… enjoy a  tiny sneak peel of your tiny Gem…

Everyone else, check back soon because we are going to finish her session next week… I can’t wait!!!

Until then… here she is Baby L… a long over due and desired little bundle…

almost 5… a family of 5 that is…. Cleopatra Photography {Maternity} Fort Myers Maternity and family photography

Hello everyone!  To close out a busy weekend…

Today, I went out to meet with this adorable family! Ms. J and I met in our pediatricians office and well… here we are celebrating their third addition to the family.

 I will update you with more on their story tomorrow!


Enjoy a sneak peek…