The B family came to visit Captiva and Sanibel Island! Cleopatra Photography {Family} Sanibel Island Creative Beach Family Photography

Hi everyone! Well as you know I have a love for photographing twins! If you have followed the blog for a while you have seen MANY sets! Well, After K contacted me saying she had 18 people for family photos she wanted done… and in that 18 there was a set of triplets… I was so excited! My first set of triplets!

I Got to Sanibel and as soon as the crew arrived we were off… So easy to photograph! I know I know… 18 people! and they all were great…

All the kids had their own personalities and they shine through in the images!!!!… shy at first.. they all warmed up quickly.

Lets jump right into it with this Adoreable groups with one of my favorite shots from the entire day!

The boys being … boys!

some more members of this group!

these crazy kids… being kids!

If immitation is the sincerest form of flattery… Copy this…. Cleopatra Photography {ROCK the DRESS} Fort Myers and Fort Myers Beach Bridal Photography

Hi Everyone!!! SO…. here I am with the latest and greatest from the one and only beautiful K!!!

If you’re wondering why this post is titled what it is…  I’m just going to throw it right out there…. recently in browsing my competitions blogs etc… I started noticing a trend….

Yes, we all use the same locations… but I am me and they are them…

To all of my loyal clients and friends… You all know how much this disturbed me at first… but in the end… I am an artist…

 people emulate what they love right?

The title wasnt meant to be cocky… just making a point… If your going to outright copy me, have a little more couth and at least don’t post my exact same shots on your blog!

OK rant over!!! SOOOOO today was amazing! It even exceeded my expectations!

This chick is a straight up TROOPER! Getting some of these shots included running through the rain (dress hiked up and umbrella in hand!)

We were the hottest thing to happen in EVER at the Washabout Laundry mat in North Fort Myers!!!

Look for this girl in VOGUE on day my friends…

she’s got “IT”

K, as usual… you rocked my lense! Thank you so much for an amazing time…


xoxo – A


Right before K got in the water…. these little girls ran up and were wondering why she was “so crazy” for putting her gorgeous dress in the ocean…. hilarious…

One day they’ll understand, or maybe they wont! hahaha

and last shot of the night….

downnnn,set….get engagement pictures! Cleopatra Photography {You & Me} – Cleopatra Photography – Fort Myers Beach engagement and wedding photography

Hi everyone!!!! If your here for the first time in a while…. take a peek at the wedding below this post! Mother Nature had her way with the day… but not before those images… sooooo I WIN!

Anyhow, I am super excited to post this blog… This cute couple was referred to me by a previous You & Me couple… A and T!

Can I just say… ladies, Please take these ladies advice and spice it up! the outfits were killer! I absolutely LOVED the pink dress M!!

I love couples like these two, because they were ready to have fun and ready to cuddle from the moment I said go!…. they made their time with me count and definitely killed it!

M and D, Thank you so much for asking me to capture these important moments in the beginning of what will surely be an amazing union.

I wish you all the best and would love to see you in the future!

Enjoy your sneak peek.

love this action shot!

ok…. time to get serious… and an outfit change!….. loved the pink ensemble!

Can you say Fierce….?

a little more fun!

and the last number was just amazing for under the pier….. LOVE . these. images.

and last but certainly not least….

*UPDATED* a tease for the Tates…… Cleopatra Photography Weddings Fort Myers Beach and Lovers Key Photography

Hi Everyone…. I am super crazy busy, and with all the editing I have going on, I literally had to stop somewhere and “finish” this blog post…well for now atleast;)

 I am going to write so much more about their story later today so please check back!!!

If your a working mommy then you understand why my blogs are all posted after dark or at 2 a.m (either or)! lol

SO without further ado… PART 1 of this 2 part post… “we’ll start from the beginning”, with this amazing first look (

you may remember K and J from their killer engagement shoot with me last year  I was 8 mths preggo!!!! )

and on that note…. I’ll end with one of my favs from the day…. I saw a lot and gave a lot of these yesterday…

Thank you guys for making my birthday… One I’ll never forget

back at the beach after 15 years….Cleopatra Photography {Connections} Fort Myers Beach Family Photography

Hey Guys! Thank you so much for having such a great time tonight!

I appreciate everyone’s patience!!! and H, I hope your BB is ok!!!


 To all my stalkers… you may remember half this bunch from a few photo shoots in the past… all the way from before little miss H was a part of the gang!!!


I will write more tomorrow!!

enjoy your sneak peek!!!

this pic completely describes this group!! FUN!


Last but not least...the entire group...almost;)

K and E….. tie the knot! Cleopatra Photography {i do} Fort Myers Wedding Photographer

Hi Everyone!

Here is a quick look at K and E’s wedding that took place this past Saturday at Gullwing resort on Fort Myers Beach.

It was a small ceremony but the guests big hearts more than made up for their size in numbers!

Everyone from friends, Moms, kids and siblings were so happy to see this couple unite. They seem so deserving, and I am happy to have met them.

K when we first started emailing and then eventually spoke over the phone, I just knew we were going to get a long like two old friends reunited… and of course we did. Thank you again for choosing me, and all of your compliments on my blog (that drew you to me ;))

I had a blast and I hope you did too! Your images are great and we got so many laughs and great moments at the reception.

I hope you had a great time here in Florida and safe travel back to Atlanta!

Take Care, Enjoy your sneak peek

Inside the Actors Studio with K and J… Cleopatra Photography {You and Me} – Fort Myers Engagement Photographer

Hi Guys!!

Thank you so much for such a fun evening!

 I hope you had a great time… I definately did, and can’t wait to photograph your wedding in the spring…

On my b-day I might add, so it’s a double special day!!


Tonight I met K and J at Love Boat Ice cream! A cute litte place I never even knew existed until they suggested it

(and I have been living in Ft. Myers for 8 years!!! how pathetic is that??)

 So anyways, what a cute little joint with great treats! I can’t wait to bring my kids there to enjoy the home-made goodies!


We spent about 45 minutes taking in the sights and then headed down to Fort Myers Beach.

 These two are such a cute couple! great smiles and definately know how to turn it on for the camera… my favorite kind of shoots!!  I was a little shocked when the previously blonde K showed up with this new number… maybe not new to her but new to me, and I actually had to do a double take to make sure it was her! 

Full of smiles and laughs we got some great expressions and I have to say what a great set of photos we got guys!

I had a hard time choosing which ones I wanted to display on the blog seriously!! oh and that light at the end of our Ice cream session was killing it!!!!


I hope you enjoy the pics, and we will be in touch soon!!


A quick teaser…. for C and S – Cleopatra Photography {I Do} Fort Myers Beach PInk Shell Wedding, and Sunset Cruise Photography

Hi Everyone,

This couple contacted me not too long ago and told me they were coming from North Carolina!!  After a date change that moved the wedding up by almost 6 mths, we wrapped up all the planning, and it was set in stone they’d be married on Septmenber 25th.

I love my destination brides, and appreciate all of the trust they put in me when traveling so far for their special day…

 We started the day off at The Pink Shell hotel on Ft. Myers beach, and then made our way over to the ceremony site at Bowditch point. WOW was it hot…

a quick bit of advice for all the future destination and local brides alike… NEVER under estimate the power of Florida heat… even in September.

Luckily, the shade helped us a lot and we were able to get some amazing shots on the beach!

 After the ceremony, we headed down to the Fort Myers Princess dock and boarded the boat for their reception… it was a small party but a lively bunch, and not a single person wasn’t smiling… well that is except for little Miss R who was scared of the boat. (by the end of the night she was dancing away and you’dve never known she spent the boarding events crying!)

 After a few shots on the dock we took off and headed out for a sunset tour.

S and C , thank you so much for inviting me to photograph your special day, and trusting in my abilities even at 37 weeks pregnant…

 I have to admit I was a little worried myself, that I might end up with me being a distraction from your event on your day…. but THANK GOSH …. everything worked out.

This will probably be my last post on the blog for a while faithful stalkers… that is until my little guy makes his appearance..

which i’m sure he will make more than one so stay tuned..

In the meantime. Enjoy a peek at S and C’s day.

caio for now… Ashley

my fav from the boat...


K and M’s sneak peek…Cleopatra Photography {You and Me}

Hi Everyone… here is a quick teaser of M and K!

We started off at Heritage Palms golf course here if Ft. Myers and it was super bright and sunny… during the time of day I like to call squint/sweat-ville… but when we actually grabbed a quick bit of shade it helped a bunch! We managed to grab some really cute shots by a set of gorgeous blue flowers, and in front of the club house too… after a quick wardrobe change or two or* we headed down to the beach and walked around shooting in a couple of my beach but not too beachy spots…

 This is where my favorite shots of the day came from…

Thank you so much Mr. M for hanging in there, and being a model for the day!!  I hope you enjoy the rest of your trip and say hello to that cool weather for me when you get back home to Ohio! I actually miss the fall and winter.. call me crazy!  


Enjoy your sneak peek!