*UPDATED* A and D Got Engaged!!!! Cleopatra Photography {you and me} Fort Myers and Naples Engagement photographer

three posts in one day… can you say BUSY!

but here we gooooooooo!!!!!

Ok, so tonight I met with A and D. I’ve know them for quite a while now actually! 

 A is my sister-in-laws best friend, and was even at my wedding!!!

These two are a riot… It never gets old to hear couples in love laugh… here is part one of their 2 part session in Downtown


xoxo, A







Click the pic below for fun….

Exclusive Artist Sneak Peek…. Cleopatra Photography {Rockstars} Fort Myers and Naples Musician Photogtraphy

Hello everyone… okay so onto the good stuff… for all of you that read my last post.. enough of the mushy stuff;)

So this couple may look familiar to you on my blog! 

I did their You and Me session in downtown Fort Myers, and their Wedding at Grandezza last year.

Over time we have actually become (me and my husband I mean) friends with this star studded couple…

without further ado…


A teaser for M and A – Cleopatra Photography {You & Me} Naples 5th Ave Engagement Photography, Naples 3rd Ave South Photography

Hello and Good Evening!!


Oh my goodness, can I just say I had a veery busy day today, and to top it all off, I get home to a little guy who refused to let mommy work!

 So here we are getting the teaser up at 11pm! I started this at 8! Anywho… he’s fast asleep now hopefully for the night!

Today I met M and A in Naples, for a {You and Me} Engagement Session!

 I LOVE THESE!~ They have to be my all-time favorite sessions to do because you really get a chance to know the couple and become friends before their wedding day.

Usually any couple who has shot an engagement session with me prior to their wedding knows what they’re in for and feels like they’re meeting up with an old friend not a stranger so there is no ice to be broken ya know …

I don’t get “those shots” by myself… it does take a little bit of “work”  (if you considering being in love and PDA’s work lol)

 You would think engaged couples or a bride and groom on their big day wouldn’t mind a kiss in public, or holding hands right???

Let me tell you ladies and gentlemen, I have seen MANY couples that are IN LOVE, that certainly don’t feel it to me.

 This couple however, not the case at all!!!

I love people that are all smiles and like to laugh, as well as mix in the serious stuff…


M and A,

 Thank you again for a great afternoon… hey that other place just missed out on having great photos they could’ve added to their website… that may have helped them book business in the future! but anywwwwaaays….lol


I am really glad to have met you two, and thank you so much for having a blast today!

I look forward to your wedding at The Edison Home in November! Stalkees, check back… I know you want to 😉


i ❤ Comments

OH! P.S. Check out the heels!!! Killer right? (and sadly, oh so painful)


and the award for the most appearances on my blog goes to… I and L! Cleopatra Photography {Connected} Fort Myers Family and Childrens photographer

Hello stalkers and newbies alike!

If you’ve been following for a while, you are definitely familiar with these two!  I first met their mommy J in Walgreens when I was portfolio building almost 2 years ago. Since then we have done quite a few sessions and I look forward to them every time!! They have grown so much and are following direction now which makes their sets of images just that much better!! And I am noticing more and more personality with every session! They even had different hairdo’s this time around which I thought were just to die for!

Their mommy is a yoga instructor so email me if you are interested in getting hooked up with her for some lessons or classes! Daddy is an…. hmmm….. well I can’t remember the name of  what he does but he gives epidurals…. yikes! I’m sure a fan of the result but can’t imagine administering them!!!


Anyhow enjoy the many faces of I AND L.

I love twins!

Thanks again guys for squeezing into my available time slot yesterday! I had fun running around with you 4 and I look forward to it again in the future!

Oh and Happy 3rd birthday girls!

Enjoy your sneak peek!

We’ll start off with my favorite from the day….

to die for right???


the "shy" girl....




the many faces of this little miss cracked me up....


just adoreable.....

last but not least….

the whole gang...

A late night sneak peak for K and L – Cleopatra Photography {Connected} Fort Myers Children and Family Photographer

Hi everybody!

and so it begins… the holiday family sessions season that is!!

I am about 3 weeks after baby and things are already picking up! I’ve got 2 weddings in the next 2 weeks, and about 4 family shoots.

 I did two back to back today.

This was actually my second shoot of the day… I promise I’m not playing favorites.

It just so happens, I pulled this memory card out first.

I actually can’t wait to get to the second set of photos done either, because they are an all time favorite family of mine! stalkers you know this family well…


This family however is a set of “long” time friends! 

 I say “long” because in Florida people you know come and go, and it seems like everyone is moving away!!!

so yeah … 3-4 years thats long….

I met K working a few years back at the same mortgage company.

 Needless to say, the industry has changed, and so have both of our professions!

I couldn’t be happier about that!=)

We reconnected after having our girls, play-dates are the best!! hahaha

A lot more than just our jobs have changed though. We both have little girls and now this family is expecting their second little lady in the spring!


I love friends with kids! I love all of you without kids too, but my little girl absolutely loves other kids. All the parents out there can relate I’m sure, when I say it’s so much easier for us to hang out, if I know she can also be entertained, and is at a fellow baby proofed house!

The fact that we will both be families of 4 with both “sets” of our kids only about 6 mths apart makes me that much happier.

 As an added bonus, this mommy grew up right down the street from me just the next town over!

We always have a blast together, and I truly appreciate her Massachusetts humor!

Here they are, and their little girl G.

Thank you guys again, for such a fun time downtown tonight!

I hope you’ll let me photograph that new little lamb when she is born!




enjoy your sneak peek


look at these eyes!


one of my absolute if not my favorite of the day...


after this photo G said... "I don't hear a baby"... smart little cookie...

Mini-Session MaNiA at Cleopatra Photography!!!

Hey everyone, check it out…

Most of you know by now I am not working in October!!

 So hurry up and get your mini session scheduled for November!

Time slots are limited!

 Call or email me Today


It’s a family affair… Cleopatra Photography {Connections}

Hi Everyone,

so….this post is special to me!

Why you ask …?

 ….well not only are the subjects faithful stalkers, they are family down here from the Northeast!

 Meet A, B and S… my sister and brother in law, and my little nephew… isn’t he so adoreable?!!!

So, tonight we went out to eat at Joe’s Crab shack and afterwards headed downtown to take a few pics… It’s been a little while since we’ve seen this bunch and A has just grown sooo much! He and my little S are already best buddies and from what I hear he was asking for her all day…

Anyhow, we headed downtown and there was a music walk event going on… good times… even huge and ready to pop I still enjoyed walking around and shooting at the same time.

I grabbed some great shots and of course the little guy stole the show… I wish we had more light because I could’ve spent another hour with him easily!!

As a photog/mommy I completely understand how easy it is to get stuck behind the camera, and you end up never seeing yourself in any pics with your little ones!!!

That being said, I know how important it is for us mommies to get in front of the camera!

 so here you go B, I hope you enjoy the pics!!

See you tomorrow for the game…

stalk away, xox, luv A

i just love moments like this one above….




okay, how sweet is the look on his face…

Pool and Pumpkins…. Cleopatra Photography {You and Me} Fort Myers Vintage Urban Engagement Photography

Hi there!!! Omgosh wow can you say hot and rainy?… why am I always bringing people out into the heat and rain for some reason these days??? oh yeah thats right…. its Florida, and it’s August that’s why!!! Tonight there was some kind of Muisc walk going on downown and it set the mood for a great vintagey type session with R and T….  Thanks again guys for a fun night and I love that fact that you didn’t mind being the center of attention! I think we got some great shots of you two and I look forward to your wedding next year!  I promise I will get your pumpkin ring shot and it”ll rock… I cant wait to see the save the dates you put together so dont forget to include me in the loop!!

Enjoy your sneak peak…

to see more awesome engagement and wedding pics…. check out our site at www.cleopatraphotography.com

A teaser for Mr. “K”…. Cleopatra Photography {Rockstars}

Tonight was a great night for photos!!

…after a few weeks of scorching eves, I was worried we’d be dying outside! Luckily we got dealt a nice night with a light breeze that helped a lot too…

This guy, (if you can’t tell) is all model! I worked to get a few smiles from him… but the serious look was really working for him.

He has a super sofisticated look about him that screams “make me into a model” Ashley! lol….  I loved when he put on the tie with the pink and the blue and black shirt… After a quick “lesson” on how to roll up sleeves I grabbed a few amazing photos… The lighting at the museum on the train was bananas!  LOVED IT…

I love that “good light” and was in heaven when I saw those images…

So K, H  and Family…. Enjoy your teaser…

P.S.  to all of my female rockstars, hands off…. this guy is taken… 😉

J and A’s Engagement session… Cleopatra Photography {You and Me} Downtown Fort Myers Modern Engagement Photography

What a cute couple these two are huh?? They met me downtown bright and early this a.m., and drove all the way from the east coast!!

 I was worried for a minute that it was gona be a washout, but we got lucky and as soon as I saw them pulling up, it started to clear up…just in time too because its pouring again! We whisked around the blocks and managed to grab some great shots! Thank you guys for agreeing to meet so early, and I wish you all the best of luck in the near future! Hope to see you again soon!

Enjoy your sneak peek!

What a beautiful bride Ms. A is going to make huh?

look at this vogue pose... Love. It.