A Halloween themed Wedding not a detail missed….. Cleopatra Photography {i do} Fort Myers Sydney & Berne Davis Center – Wedding Photography

omG!!!! so where to begin.. this day was soo much fun, different and full of little surprises…

Let me start by saying I had my first ever, early and on time Bride, and,  late…. Groomzilla (self proclaimed.. 😉 )

On his way the groom was pulled over ! Luckily he was let go, and made it on time for some awesome shots!

There were bystanders looking on at the blocked road, wondering what all the commotion was about…..

I had a great time, I love THEMED weddings and of course this one took the cake for creative….

from the cupcakes with dry ice to the horror flick seat table names… they did a great job at making this their day…. They didn’t just look in some wedding magazine and say “I want that….”

T, FYI is my hairdresser and one of my  long time friends, long time friend.. if that makes any sense….

I’m so glad to have met this couple and been asked to photograph such a cool wedding! what a breath of fresh air!!!

To view some other “really cool” wedding photography check out our website at www.cleopatraphotography.com

This is definitely a two-part post… so enjoy this half for now… and I’ll see you Tomorrow

CONGRATS R and T!!! xox-A

Finally… another little man…. Cleopatra Photography Fort Myers and Naples Newborn Phootgraphy

Hi Everyone… as you can see its way late… way past my “bed time” … tomorrow is my angel’s special day… so no long post tonight!


Thank you so much A and J and Mee-maw to allow me to come into your home and photograph such a special moment with you!!! We pushed as usual and got some amazing shots!!!


enjoy a few…







Sample guest Sign-in Album….by Cleopatra Photography

Hi Everyone, here is a quick preview of what a custom Cleopatra guest sign-in album looks like… such a cute idea, and a lot more fun than the traditional guest book. With this type of album, your guests get to have a little fun with it. They of course can choose to just sign one of the blank pages, but they can also leave you a personalized note. They fold in the middle of each page, and are available in 8×8 or 10×10 sizes and all the colors and text are completely customizable. 

Check them out! 

Each page shows two sides this is the front (right side) and back cover (left side)

Pages 1 (blank for writing names or best wishes), and 2

pages 3, and 4

pages 5, and 6

pages 7, and 8

pages 9, and 10

pages 11, and 12

pages 13, and 14

pages 15, and 16

pages 17, and 18

pages 19, and 20

to inquire about your custom sign in album contact me at Ashley@cleopatraphotography.com