…. and away we go…. Worcester and Central Mass Wedding Photography – Cleopatra Photography by Ashley Nardello

Ok…. so this is a long post!

The first one in a long time, and reading this may be boring if you’ve never been here before… if you used to visit all the time and have been waiting for this day, well then hello! I have really missed you all too!!!!!! I’m here to explain. So grab a coffee and take five minutes to get to know me… or so we can get re-aquainted…


Life has its way of making you face reality. It wakes you up one day and says, “Hey, you know that routine you have going on there in your little life… well, I don’t like it and it’s not working for me”  So here is something to deal with.


If you know me, you know I am a Taurus, and how well I fit that zodiac! I hated admitting this when I was younger, but am stubborn! It has a negative connotation to it, but it’s not all bad! I promise…  However, on the down side…. sometimes I am too stubborn for my own good.

I am always going, going, going… At the end of last year I was BEYOND busy… I photographed 6 weddings and 40 plus sessions in less than four months. I traveled over 3k miles and worked 30 hours a week outside of my house….Im not proud to say, I neglected my family… I worked every weekend including twelve-hour days… After the holidays I was so burnt out I was exhausted… like poof… crisp… done… 2014 came and I was off to another busy start and the race was on….

So I thought…

January 3rd….I woke up and had a cold…. the usual cold… January 10th – I called my husband and told him I couldn’t breathe…  I couldn’t take a deep breath, ….. I was literally hyperventilating, have a serious asthma attack and panicking… which in my world doesn’t happen…

I hadn’t had a “real” asthma attack since I ran 14 miles in cross-country when I was 13 years old… literally…

As I felt the symptoms creeping up, I couldn’t even believe it… I was in shock… just accepting the fact that I needed immediate medical attention was scary…

To some Mom’s and Dad’s out there…. you know how it is… your kids go to the dr. when they’re sick… we go when we are dead (A lovely Taurus trait as well)…


Boom, I was in the hospital… in that moment ( with something helping me breathe, staring up at a bright light)…. I had a total a-ha moment….. I was so “smart”….. why was naive to the fact, I was neglecting myself…? It was obvious….. 3-4 hours sleep at night, awful eating patterns, working hours on end on my feet and never a moment to relax…I was one of those people!

I had heard it time and time again…. People telling me to take it easy…

I just laughed it off… until My body was like NO…. Not gonna happen….

I needed a break…   getting nebulizer treatments, oxygen, X-rays and the works….. I got it alright….. lovely double pneumonia….. I wasn’t getting better, I was only getting worse, I needed real medical attention. As for my, what I thought had all but disappeared asthma… it was very real… and well there it was full effect gasping for air…

I was stuck in bed until the 17th… all the while I had a million people asking for a million things and STILL… I was having a hard time saying No so I could get better… doing nothing but just relaxing isn’t something I do… ha! It was the 27th of  January before I had my self  back together

My Kids mean the world to me… They had never seen me like that… It was really scary to think about what would’ve happened, if I had passed out that day before calling for help…

I took a BIG step back.


I spent weekends with my kids, I took time to be with my husband.

I said No. I took time off and I didn’t make time for anything that took me away from ME… I  am still really busy , but I have learned to create a balance.

I am back and I am blogging baby! I started training again, eating well and I am back down to what I weighed in highschool…! I know … what? even C is like whoa…

Everyone has made me feel so overwhelmed with positive words I “can’t even handle” the compliments… It’s too much for me… I feel bad in a weird way, like I should be giving something to them…. I am a total “blusher”… I’d rather hide than get a compliment or be noticed like that….

As far as my own sense of accomplishment, I feel amazing… I feel better than I have in a long time! I am rejuvenated, and ready to go… I learned a valuable lesson.

I’m wiser with each hardship I face… self-induced or not… that too is a lesson in itself right?

Time is valuable… it’s precious… embrace that, and listen to your body.


Here is a random image of my kids from a long time ago…. It reminds me to slow down… enjoy these smiles… and to not take it all for granted…





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