Call me…. in love with charlestown… maybe… M and R {engaged} Cleopatra Photography – Boston Massachusetts Engagement Photographer – Ashley Nardello

Hi Everyone!!!!
Here it is… the session of the week… I absolutely love this couple! M.. I swear you crawled into my brain and stole all my witty jokes… hey! you stop it!

I CAN NOT wait to shoot this wedding coming up early next year! They’re tying the knot in the spring and having a barn reception! eeeeeeek! ok I’m done being corny.

We met at Sorelle’s bakery on Monument ave and got right to talking and before I knew it we were like old friends! seriously….

I laughed with them really hard about how… right before they arrived I wanted to change the spot we were meeting at because a guy just had a huge fail and spilled his entire extra jumbo iced coffee all over the floor and entrance of a 75 sq ft. hole in the wall..(with amazing stuff btw)

anywhooo it worked itself out…

here they are… M and R… two totally adorable people…. in Love. when I see “it” and It’s real.. I know it. I just do. (Oh and when its “fake “, yeah… I can tell that too… lol)

we started off on this super cool one way cobblestone type of alley… BOOM…

this was only a few shots into the session… already working it!

I loved these alley ways I found randomly… so gorgeous and the lighting was to die for…

shout out to Eddie over at the fire station! 😉

woot woot now … blue steel time…

I set this up telling them to run across the street , and practice their first dance! I turned around to see a little group of people watching us do our thing, as they dipped and twirled…

it was awesome… someone said…”amazing!” as they walked by walking a cute little pooch…

M and R were so comfortable now… even with the awkwardness of getting into just the right spot…(we were shooting and fighting the sun… it was 10:45 am!) they let go and just went with it…

hahaha I think this was  funny moment between M and R… his shirt was catching the breeze… and suddenly he was R on roids…

after a quick outfit change… location numero dos! the city sky was goreous…

the most adoreable “call me maybe” moment

ok so… while doing some more editing, I of course found  a “few” more I want you all to see… check out these black and whites…


5 thoughts on “Call me…. in love with charlestown… maybe… M and R {engaged} Cleopatra Photography – Boston Massachusetts Engagement Photographer – Ashley Nardello

  1. Ashley, these look awesome – you are amazing! Ry and I had such a blast with you and you made us feel super comfortable…I literally don’t think I stopped laughing the whole time (…if you can’t tell from the pics ha)! Can’t wait for April!!

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