D+M tie the knot at Longfellow’s Wayside Inn {Cleopatra Photography} Boston Mass Wedding Photography

Hello Everyone! SO here I am with my first post in a while! I have so many amazing things going on, what feels like a billion renovation projects in the works and then there is my crazy kids!

I kid, about the crazy kids…kinda…

but  it feels good to be blogging again, and I am excited to share everything with you!

I’m kicking the blog back off with this awesome couple! D and M…. what a great couple… both so easy-going and completely natural in front of the camera.

When I got the call from D asking about photography, I started off with the usual ok so how big is your event…

he stopped me right there and said well…

It’s just going to be us and the person marrying us…. I knew right away this was going to be intimate!  I was also excited about the possibility of having lots of time with them at the location. If you’re not familiar with the Wayside Inn or The Gristmill in Sudbury Ma, then you should definitely swing by! It’s an amazing historical site. It offers captivating beauty and amazing backdrops. The smell of the sweet grass and fresh water mixed with fragrant flowers notes when the wind blew… led this day…

After a quick and small ceremony we got right to work. I was so happy we were able to capture so many great emotive images. D and M fell right into each others arms and even though this military man was dressed to a T… he wasnt afraid to let his emotion show. It was beautiful.

We started by Longfellow’s statue and headed over to the barn… the best thing about this day was how easily they moved together. As individuals but also one, smiling and reacting to each other mixed with spontaneous twirls and jumping even a skip or two…

Enjoy the two hours I spent with these two at the Inn…

and if you are getting married at the Inn or are looking to take family portraits in the Central Mass area… Please contact me at Ashley@cleopatraphotography.com


The new Mr. and Mrs!!!

and now lets say hello to the beautiful and timeless-ly dressed, M….

and the dapper groom in Military Blues…

I happen to know that this is one of M and D’s fav images so here it is,.. just for them…

and here we are with one last little  storyboard of their images… what an amazing time overall. I hope you had as great of a time as I did M and D!

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