Modern Vintage Engagement session with a lovely couple in Downtown Fort Myers… Cleopatra Photography {You & Me} Downtown Fort Myers Engagement Photography

Oh my gosh , can I just say this will officially be the biggest post on the blog! and this is only part one my friends!!!! I am so excited to introduce these two to everyone!

It’s not everyday that I get to work with people who are so vibrant and easy-going! These two were my favorite kind of couple! They didn’t look at me and ask… ok what do we do? They were just themselves!!!! With a tiny bit of guidance they certainly blew me away….

They absolutely nailed their vogue look and are ready any day for the runway!

We moved around so much I as usual had my couple sweating… maybe it had a little bit to do with the humidity and a little to do with the martinis we were all sweating out? either way… had such a blast!

I wish I could start every session with a martini! To check out some more unique engagement photography by Cleopatra Photography click here

Any who… B and P, I can’t wait for part deux of your session! it will be amazing!

You guys totally rocked the lense right off the camera and I loved every minute of it! I had SOO much fun and can’t wait to do it again…

Enjoy your photos, and if you happen to see and extra bag show up with your luggage to Peru… it’s me… shhhh… 😉

Thank you so much S and J for telling B and P about me!!!!

This, ladies and gentlemen… is how you do ” fierce”…

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