Miss A .. a multi-talented.future model… if she wants to be;) … Cleopatra Photography – Marlboro, Mass. Urban, unique photography

Hi Everyone! Ok sooo here I am with the first of many sneak peeks to come!!! I can not wait until I get the whole gallery edited … BUT, I can only edit so much and sleep so little 😉

So let’s get this kicked off with miss A !! oh my goodness can you say beautiful!!!??? I’ve know A’s mom for yeeaars and its crazy to see how we have all grown up and her “little baby girl” is now a teenager!!!! I feel OLD!!!! ugh… anywhooo…. Shy at first, this one finally broke out of her shell and gave me some great looks!

Enjoy a few …

Miss A and her mommy and Yia Yia… 3 beautiful women. Kind, genuine and good-natured. These are some of the reasons I miss home…

Sorry I missed the party guys:(

I hope everyone is excited and sent a link to the website!!!


If your interested in booking a session with Cleopatra Photography, contact me at Ashley@cleopatraphotography.com

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