the Man I love… Cleopatra Photography – {Cleopatra’s Heart} Marlboro, Mass Family Photography

Ok so Yes, I know father’s day was yesterday… but I am here today… writing about this guy..

because I finally have a minute without him as he just left for work…

My husband… the father … he is an amazing man…. How he has put up with me over the past 11 years, I’ll never know… Though I could say the same about him;)

Together we climb mountains, and face each battle holding hands…

His heart beats in my chest. My Love.

Here is a tiny e into our lives… I made him strawberry shortcake for desert… (one of my favs! lol)

hehehe…. I share these candids with you for three reasons…

1. She put his shirt on herself… I found her like this

2. She took this picture of me… Hand your 2 yr old little girl your back up camera and say she’s been a photog since she was 2… not a bad pic of mommy straight out of bed…lol

3. the little guy… trying to crawl (his latest obsession) and after he had just tried mommies home-made fresh whipped cream.

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