These old bones…. Cleopatra Photography – Worcester Mass Photographer

Hi Everyone… As you all know (and if you didn’t know, you do now) I am now traveling to Mass for work….. seriously… Please ask if you are interested in booking. I am making special trips and will have limited days and availability=) email me at

While back home I was staying at a family members and every day I passed this cemetery…. If you remember.. long ago is when the actual graveyard fascination began…. and even made an appearance once on the blog before….


A  quick insight on the day… it was cloudy and stormed all night…I drove by and did a familiar u-turn to drive up and back into the furthest part of the grounds….. it was sobering,

the weather patient enough for me to get out and take these images….

Funny when you walk up to  the first headstone out of 10,000 and your birth day is staring back at you…

so much sorrow for one mother….

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