I’m back.. but not for long… {Cleopatra Photography} Covering Fort Myers to Boston – Event, Wedding, Family, baby and childrens Photographer

o-key do-key everyone…

Well, I am back from my “vacation” and here with TONS of work!!! Sooo I am sneak peaking everyone a little something as I edit through the day today!!! You may have noticed a BIG Giant LOGO on my pics…its here for a reason pleeeaaassse don’t crop it out! I love you all, and you know I normally don’t do…… that but I did this time, because I need you to please pass the word…

spread it hard-core peeps… I am coming “home” and need help creating buzz about my business up there!!!!

please suggest my page!!!

It was great seeing everyone I could….. If I missed you I am sooo sorry!!!!! I promise I’ll get to you all next time!!!

In the meantime please tell your friends family and co-workers I am traveling for work! Don’t hesitate to ask if I am available!!!!

We’ll kick off the sneak peaks with a few of these little guys…

These were a surprise for their mommy;)

D, I am sorry I missed you girl, next time we will definitely get together!!! oh and FYI – I am pretty sure my little S, is in love with your little D…..

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