If immitation is the sincerest form of flattery… Copy this…. Cleopatra Photography {ROCK the DRESS} Fort Myers and Fort Myers Beach Bridal Photography

Hi Everyone!!! SO…. here I am with the latest and greatest from the one and only beautiful K!!!

If you’re wondering why this post is titled what it is…  I’m just going to throw it right out there…. recently in browsing my competitions blogs etc… I started noticing a trend….

Yes, we all use the same locations… but I am me and they are them…

To all of my loyal clients and friends… You all know how much this disturbed me at first… but in the end… I am an artist…

 people emulate what they love right?

The title wasnt meant to be cocky… just making a point… If your going to outright copy me, have a little more couth and at least don’t post my exact same shots on your blog!

OK rant over!!! SOOOOO today was amazing! It even exceeded my expectations!

This chick is a straight up TROOPER! Getting some of these shots included running through the rain (dress hiked up and umbrella in hand!)

We were the hottest thing to happen in EVER at the Washabout Laundry mat in North Fort Myers!!!

Look for this girl in VOGUE on day my friends…

she’s got “IT”

K, as usual… you rocked my lense! Thank you so much for an amazing time…


xoxo – A


Right before K got in the water…. these little girls ran up and were wondering why she was “so crazy” for putting her gorgeous dress in the ocean…. hilarious…

One day they’ll understand, or maybe they wont! hahaha

and last shot of the night….

4 thoughts on “If immitation is the sincerest form of flattery… Copy this…. Cleopatra Photography {ROCK the DRESS} Fort Myers and Fort Myers Beach Bridal Photography

  1. Ashley!!! You’re my hero! These pictures are amazing. K wasn’t awake for these. It may have had to do with the fact that she took some nyquil and then I fed her some champagne. Oops?!? But I will ensure she sees them first thing in the morning. Thanks so much for putting so much time and effort into your work and for capturing the true beauty of my wonderful wife. We both feel truly blessed to have met you and to have gotten to do so much work with you. I feel as if this is only the beginning of it all. I’m so serious. No matter how famous we do or don’t get you’ll always be our go to photographer. And you better believe no matter where my friends are getting hitched, you’re gonna be my first recommendation. Looking forward to hangin out soon. I hate to take your camera away from you, but it’s high time we spent some time with a drink in your hand and not just mine. Have a great night and I’ll see you soon! ❤

  2. As my wonderful husband mentioned before, I was face-down in my pillow, sleeping off a Nyquil coma when you posted these. But WOW what a way to wake up! I love them, Ash…they are exactly what I wanted and yet completely unexpected and beyond what I imagined!

    Like I said last night: They can “take pictures” wherever they want, but they’ll never bring your style, perspective, taste, and talent to their photography. You are in a league of your own, girl. No other photog in SWFL can take a camera-shy bride, a straw hat, and a yellow wall and make ART like that. They take pictures. You are an artist.

    Thank you so much for helping me be myself in front of the camera and for showing me that this face and body that I’ve picked apart and torn down with criticism over the years can help produce something really beautiful. No “imitators” could ever do that.

    You just gotta pray for the haters and continue to turn Fort Myers on its ear!

  3. Karlee, dear, you are so beautiful inside and out! And Ashley is definitely an awesome artist. Put the artistry and the beauty together and you get magic! I LOVE the ones in the ocean. You look like a sea nymph! And the shot in the laundromat with the yellow boots…so cool.

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