Hurricane Tate… Part 2 of a tease for the tates….. Cleopatra Photography Lovers Key wedding photography

Hi Everyone!!! Ok here I am with part two of this cute couples post!

Ok so to set the tone for everyone… It was a gorgeous and hot sunny Florida day when I first met up with K and J at their Hotel….. We got some awesome shots and literally stopped traffic to take their First Look shots…. which by far were the most fun and amazing first look pics I’ve ever done! (After their first look their audience cheered and horns honked it was amazing….)

K and J Thank you so much for trusting me and allowing me to push this to the limit!!!

and hey after all… we did pull off a first look in the middle of traffic filled streets that totally rocked….so why not right?

So as the day progressed I watched the sky get more grey and darker….

Those of you who aren’t from Florida probably don’t understand what its like when it rains on the beach….

Can you say Typhoon???!!!!!

So After about an hour and a half on the beach… and luckily after the ceremony… the rain came… and she came with avengence!

Of course having to get my equipment out of the weather, and most importantly sand storm!

I left the event while everything was moved inside and ran home to post a quick blog…


Right before the rain came…. I said to K and J …lets go back out on the beach and take just a couple more shots before it rains…. just incase….(even though I knew the rain was definately coming, and fast!!!!)

In that 10 minutes…. we managed to grab some of my favorite shots from the entire day…

Anyways… enjoy part two!


Absolutely Loved this shot from the first look….. check out her amazing dress and all the detail!

These two are so much fun!!! The entire day was filled with moments like this….

and this….

and this….

I usually don’t feature “formals” but I liked this set! A LOT….;) so I share

a little look at the reception before “Hurricane Tate” rolled onto shore….

Got my Ray bans on and I’m feelin hella cool toniiighhht…yeeeaaaahhh

I saw the clouds rolling in…. brought them back on the beach, and this is when the magic happened…..

one more ring shot because I said so… and because I love this custom ring…

One from a really touching moment during a speech by the brides best man!

and last but not least… one more from ” the dream sequence” as named by my husband….;)

One thought on “Hurricane Tate… Part 2 of a tease for the tates….. Cleopatra Photography Lovers Key wedding photography

  1. So imaginative, cool, amazing and absolutely wonderful shots!! you are definitely chose the perfect profession!!! LOVE U!!

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