Why does custom photography cost so much???… and a little Red Sox Spring Training 2011 – Cleopatra Photography {Cleopatra’s insight} Fort Myers and Naples Photography

So… in my endless hours of scouring the internet doing research for an upcoming venture… I found this link and wanted to share it with you…..

For all of my clients,

I love you to death and appreciate your business more than you know, it’s because of you I am able to enjoy my work, and be successful…

BUT…. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard…

 “wow, you must make a lot of money because you only spend 2 hours with a client and get paid X amount of dollars”….. (or something close I’m not quoting exactly)

well, Let me tell you folks, I spend so much more time than you could ever imagine making this business work….

I am a one woman show, and a mommy of two kids under 3, a personal chef and maid!!!…oh yeah and wife!!!;)

 splitting myself in all those directions and still finding time to make my clients feel like they are the only one, isn’t an easy task…….

and aside from the time and energy that goes towards things like editing, packaging, accounting, advertising, designing, traveling,

 and the ever time consuming, educating myself  to stay modern and up to date on technology and techniques……

 there is the important time I wish I had more of….  like weekends with my kids (who are growing faster than I ever imagined) and quality time with the man I love..

 I miss out on those things to be with my clients….it is my choice yes, but in the end lets be Frank…. 

I need to charge what I am worth, and this is a business….  I can’t do it for free even though I wish I could….


If you have a minute, please take the time to read this article. It helps explain more than my ramblings… 

Hopefully, it gives you a little better of an idea of why custom photography costs “so much” it even gave me a better grasp on it thinking to myself as I read it

“WOW, I really do spend that much time on this or that… maybe even more!”

When you want a few 5 x 7’s for grandma for x-mas, bring the kids to “jears”

when you want a piece of art to cherish forever or an amazing gift  (that won’t sit in that white envelope or box in the closet)

that’s when you call me! I don’t expect it to be once a month, but a few times a year, custom photography is an amazing  investment.

Not to mention, a great way to commemorate your life.




oh, of course I will leave you with some photos!!!

 here’s a peek at the redsox spring training camp this season

my hunny took these with my back-up… good job daddy;)

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