A teaser for M and A – Cleopatra Photography {You & Me} Naples 5th Ave Engagement Photography, Naples 3rd Ave South Photography

Hello and Good Evening!!


Oh my goodness, can I just say I had a veery busy day today, and to top it all off, I get home to a little guy who refused to let mommy work!

 So here we are getting the teaser up at 11pm! I started this at 8! Anywho… he’s fast asleep now hopefully for the night!

Today I met M and A in Naples, for a {You and Me} Engagement Session!

 I LOVE THESE!~ They have to be my all-time favorite sessions to do because you really get a chance to know the couple and become friends before their wedding day.

Usually any couple who has shot an engagement session with me prior to their wedding knows what they’re in for and feels like they’re meeting up with an old friend not a stranger so there is no ice to be broken ya know …

I don’t get “those shots” by myself… it does take a little bit of “work”  (if you considering being in love and PDA’s work lol)

 You would think engaged couples or a bride and groom on their big day wouldn’t mind a kiss in public, or holding hands right???

Let me tell you ladies and gentlemen, I have seen MANY couples that are IN LOVE, that certainly don’t feel it to me.

 This couple however, not the case at all!!!

I love people that are all smiles and like to laugh, as well as mix in the serious stuff…


M and A,

 Thank you again for a great afternoon… hey that other place just missed out on having great photos they could’ve added to their website… that may have helped them book business in the future! but anywwwwaaays….lol


I am really glad to have met you two, and thank you so much for having a blast today!

I look forward to your wedding at The Edison Home in November! Stalkees, check back… I know you want to 😉


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OH! P.S. Check out the heels!!! Killer right? (and sadly, oh so painful)