Ladies and Gentlemen… This is why “YOU NEED VIDEO” part 2… Cleopatra Photography {weddings} Fort Myers and Naples wedding photographer

Hi everyone… so if you don’t already know me (if you do you’d know this), I’ll share  a little secret with you…. ready???

I am also a BLOG STALKER!

I follow quite a few religiously! Everything from nbc-2 to Texts from last night…


 My favorite daily reader however is a fellow photographer “friend” of mine…

 I am completely inspired by his vision. It’s because of people like him, I am daily striving to stay inspired and fresh and find beauty in the small things … I can only hope I get to the point where my images evoke the type of emotion I feel when looking at his photos one day.

Today, just a few minutes ago actually, I looked at his blog and he had the best article written about a great wedding tip…  The Gist of the thing…here it is ladies…

… I have said it before I will say it again…


Dont believe me… watch this video… You don’t have to actually read the article, the video does all the talking… ABSOLUTELY AMAZING…  tell me that wasn’t worth the money??

check it out and the most amazing wedding video ever on


Thanks for looking!

xoxo – A

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