My little girls BFF…. Cleopatra Photography {Little Ones} Fort Myers Children’s photographer

Hi Everyone! Here she is…

Miss “S” You may have seen her on the blog before with pic of my little “S”!

They are officially best buds… lol.. As moms me and her mommy joke about the trouble they will get into at 16.

I have actually know her mommy and daddy for a few years now but only recently reconnected after a mishap run-in at an event I was shooting (her hubby happened to be playing at with his band DVS plug plug!) I am so happy we were able to get reconnected because my little girl absolutely loves this little lamb! I can’t wait until her mommy has her little boy due in December!

Then it will be our two girls and our two boys! We joke about having to order a table for 8.

 I can hardly believe my little guy is here already!

Anyhow, here are a few sneak peek pics for you all to enjoy!

Keep your eyes open for her baby brother soon!

Hopefully mommy will let me photograph him when he’s brand new!


last but not least the BFF's ❤

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