Little Miss Baby E….. Cleopatra Photography {Newborns}

Hi everyone, can we say hello to lil miss “E”…. she is just a precious little doll… I can hardy remember when my little lady was this small…. its amazing holding something so tiny, and so light in weight! After fighting, and fighting and more fighting, with this little lady…. I finally managed to get a few images of her with her eyes closed. Let me tell you, for being 7 days old.. this little lady was so curious and just as alert as ever!
I am super proud of the images that we ended up with…even tho this will end up being a two part session… Thank you for your patience mommy “S”…
and I hope you don’t think I tortured her too badly trying to get her on her tummy!
“S” Doesn’t she look like R in the 3rd pic down with the hat?
(which never happened for my followers…)
See you for round two in a few days!!

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