Mr. and Mrs. H’s sneak peak…. Cleopatra Photography { I Do} Fort Myers Beach Pink Shell Wedding Photography

Hi Guys!! Thanks again for such a fun night last night!!! I hope you enjoyed yourselves. What a great sunset it turned out to be! I am so happy we nailed some of these photos because you deserved them…lol.. after standing there waiting for these shots, I was dead set on getting them…. and I’m glad you two had the patience to sit and wait with me! 😉

When I first met you two back in October, I knew right away you were going to be a fun couple… you were playful and full of smiles and I really enjoyed myself walking around with you two on Fort Myers beach. I’m not sure if you remember, but we weren’t as lucky with the sunset that day because it was pretty cloudy and suuupeeer windy on the point that evening… I remember hair flying everywhere lol… but as usual, you guys were true sports and made the best of it.

I got tons of raves about your engagement session photos and I know they will be pouring in about the wedding set as well… but I can’t take all the credit. wink wink.. the best photos come from peoples true emotions and watching two people interact that are in love make them priceless. It’s clear from your images, that you two are truly in love and it’s genuinely refreshing to see that.

“H” you made such a beautiful bride, and I loved the smiles I got from you all night long…

“J” you were so nervous getting ready it was a riot but I’m glad you wre able to relax and enjoy yourself…

and then there was Mr. “D”… the camera lover… lol.. he kept me laughing all night long

 Anyhow, I cant wait to hear from you again (maybe in a year or so for a baby session ;), and I hope you enjoy the photos as much as I do.

Dont forget to forward your gallery to your email address book,  because I was getting lots of people asking when the pictures would be ready!!!

Best wishes, and I hope to see you soon.

For now, enjoy your sneak peek. a.k.a “The longest sneak peek to ever appear on my blog”


a fun one from the ladies...

and a fun one from the guys...

you may remember this shot from their "You and Me" session...

Here is that gorgeous sunset.....

The beautiful couple.... and sunset to match.

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