uh-oh!!!! where did Cleopatra Photography go???

Hi everyone!!! No, I haven’t fallen off the face of the earth i’m still here….lol.. no getting rid of me (sorry haters!)

For now you can continue to view my site at www.ashleynardello.com 

As a part of staying on top of the latest and greatest,

 I have converted everythng over to a flash based site.

(Don’t worry mobile viewers and stalkers you can still see the html version of the site at www.ashleynardello.com and view and access the blog from there as well)

I will be respoting a new Blog about the status of the new site when it is up and running!!!

So for now…. stalk away at www.ashleynardello.com  while we all wait for the unveiling of my flash site at cleopatraphotography.com

Thanks again for checking me out!!!! Be back soon. Only bigger and better.

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