A few familiar faces…. and a few new ones too…. Cleopatra Photography {Loved Ones}

Hi J and family!!! Thanks so much for playing run around and chase the kids with me the other day!!! hahaha I can only say, I give you tons of credit for raising 2.

For my stalkers you may recognize the twins, this is their 3rd appearance on the blog!! I really enjoy being able to see them grow up…. I remember not too long ago they weren’t saying a word, and their hair could barely fit into pony tails!!! WOW! have they grown.

As usual, little miss L was my model and little miss I ran away from me!!! but this time I was introduced to their cousin who is close in age to my lady….

 little miss E, what a doll! loved those cheeks and thighs!!!! hehe

Here is your sneak peak!!! thanks again. enjoy…

Fellow photogs! If you thought it was hard to get one 2 yr. old to smile try two!

introducing Miss E

I love these moments...

and these moments too....

Finally, a smile from this little miss!!!

sweet little grin...

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